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We help you grow your career

We are continuously hiring new talented consultants in Engineering, Pharma and IT. We are selective in the people we recruit, but if you join our team you will enter a stimulating working environment with personal coaching, continuous education and challenging projects with top-of-class clients. In the movie below you will find out more about our unique company culture.

Pauwels Consulting for starters

So you have a first-class degree and you can’t wait to start an amazing career. Excellent! But do you know what you really want to do? What you truly excel at? Do you know what makes your heart beat and what you want your clients to remember you for?

We can help you identify, perfect and capitalize on your strengths to skyrocket your career. We will surround you with a professional team, develop a personal career path and assign you to projects and clients that support your personal growth from the very first day.

Pauwels Consulting for experienced professionals

Do you have a solid background in Engineering, Pharma or IT and are you looking for a more diverse job with more challenging assignments? Would you like to work with a professional team that treasures its personal touch and involvement with all its members?

We can help you revitalize your career by reassigning you to projects that truly fit your ambitions and expertise. This will help you rediscover joy at work, it will help you in your personal growth and it will give you the career boost you are looking for.

Pauwels Consulting for freelance experts

Are you a freelance expert and are you looking for a professional team and stimulating peers to further boost your intellectual and personal growth? At Pauwels Consulting you will find the intellectual challenges you are looking for without compromising your professional freedom.

We aim to provide top quality and high continuity in all our projects. As a result we only consider applications of experienced experts who are willing to invest in a long-lasting relationship with Pauwels Consulting and our clients.


Do you consider joining us? Excellent! Read more about your benefits at Pauwels Consulting here and have a look at our current job openings here. You can send us your cv and cover letter here.

Do you have any further questions and would you like to speak with one of our recruiters first? Please call +32 9 324 70 80 or fill out the form below. We will contact you shortly.