Dear reader,

At times, not all goes well for some of us. This is why it is important to be there for each other. This year, Pauwels Consulting wishes to support children suffering from a life-threatening disease. To do this, it joins efforts with ‘Make-A-Wish’.


You want to participate in the Bake-A-Wish action? In that case, follow the steps below:

1. Create an action

Click here to create an action at

2. Name your action and describe it

Name your action and make sure it includes the terms ‘Pauwels Consulting’. It could for example be ‘Bert (Pauwels Consulting) bakes for…’. As such, we can evaluate how much money we have collected together! Furthermore, please indicate what it is what you will be doing and where the action will take place.

3. Promote your sale

Inform your friends, family and colleagues on your action and invite them to join your action page at

4. Start baking

Start baking your goodies. Keep everyone informed on your progress via your own action page at and/or use the hashtag #bakeawish on social media.

5. Sell

Present your cupcakes and other goodies attractively and keep the money you collected in a safe place.

6. Deposit your proceeds

You can donate the money you collected via your action page at As such, you will have a clear overview of the proceeds of your action!

Make this a joyful experience and know that what you do will bring a sparkle to the eyes of the children!

I already wish you the best of success!

Bert Pauwels