Augmented Reality

Pauwels Consulting Academy

Augmented Reality (AR) combines a real world environment with virtual objects. Via a smartphone, tablet or special glasses you get to see virtual objects in your environment as if they were real. This Academy will help you understand the concepts of AR.

AR, and more broader, Virtual Reality (VR) is not something new. Ivan Sutherland designed in 1968 a Head Mounted Display that isn’t much different from VR goggles like the Oculus Quest. Today, AR has become a handy tool that can make a significant impact on employees, customers, suppliers and employers when applied correctly.

During this session we will focus on AR only and, based on applications in edcuation, industry and everyday life, help you understand the concepts and opportunities that come with it.


Pieter Ardinois is a senior IT leader with a broad experience in information management and media processing. He combines a commercial drive with a technical interest. He helps customers explore and apply new technical concepts to become more efficient.


Language: English
Date: 3th of December
Time: 18h -19h
Speaker: Pieter Ardinois
Format: a virtual class