Online Yoga Therapy

Pauwels Consulting Academy

The end of the year marks a stressful time for (too) many of us. This Yoga Therapy class will help you relax.

It’s extra busy at work, days are getting shorter and darker and though the holiday time is something to look forward too, it can also be demanding and overwhelming at times. This yoga class will be the perfect antidote to all of that!

This class will be all about putting yourself first on your list. Enjoy this extra peaceful yoga class in which we’ll focus on the therapeutic aspect of yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and mindfulness.

You’ll learn some self-massage techniques and we’ll take time for some questioning, reflection and journaling at the start of our class.

For this class it would be wonderful if you could grab some cosy, thick blankets, a few sturdy pillows and/or a yoga block, bolster, if you have that handy. Books could also serve as yoga blocks.

These props will help us to make our yoga postures that bit more comfortable and therapeutic. Please make sure you have a pen and piece of paper or diary ready to journal as well.

Feel free to light some candles and incense in your room and create the most beautiful, caring, little cocoon for yourself.

This yoga class is dedicated to every-body!


Language: English, or dependant on the participants
Date & time: Tuesday the 24th of November, from 6 to 7:15 PM
This is a Zoom webinar, you will receive the Zoom link when you register
What do you need: a quiet corner, comfortable clothing and a yoga mat of soft cushion
This class is for Pauwels employees & freelancers.

Trainer: Delphine Delchambre

Namasté 😉 My name is Delphine, born and raised in Belgium, but a world citizen at heart (aren’t we all?!). Yoga has been a big part of my life for the past 6 years, I dare say, it has become my life. Yoga is more than a series of postures we practice and try to move into and sustain, it’s a way of moving, breathing and thinking, a way of life. Yoga is raising your (self)awareness and diving deeper into a broader consciousness. When I’m not doing yoga, I travel the world with my personal project “Wayra Freedom Project”, write, dance, create, get involved in NGOs all around the world… In short: I live to express and share my heart into the world.

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