Efficient Communication

Pauwels Consulting Academy

We communicate continuously at work, but do our words have the desired effect on the behavior and attitude of our interlocutors?

In order to answer these questions positively, it is important to become aware on how communication works, your own communication style and that of others. Only when you know your own preferred style and are able to recognize and adapt to others, you will really be able to communicate with impact. In a century in which the world of work is becoming increasingly flat and less hierarchical, impactful communication is gaining in importance. Even without authority, you must be able to exercise the necessary influence through communication.

In this session you will learn which (brain) laws communication meets, what your natural communication style is, how you detect the style of others and how you can focus on it in order to achieve maximum impact. And you practice through simulations with actor to adapt in real-life situations for maximum influence.

Date: Tuesday, the 10th of November, full day, 9 am to 5 pm
Language: English, or dependant on the participants
Location: to be decided
Partner: the Tipping point, expert in building the skills for today & tomorrow.

The trainer: Dajo Prins

Dajo Prins wrote a Ph.D. on human rights and was a lecturer at the Universities of Antwerp and Utrecht. He worked for many years as an advisor and speechwriter in the political world, where he learned the art of negotiation and persuasion. During that period he conducted research into whether you can build a political program around people’s happiness. When there was no support for this, he left politics, published his research and started as a trainer to provide training in communication, well-being and happiness.

At The Tipping Point, he mainly provides training and advice on communicating with impact, influencing, emotional intelligence and resilience.

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