Ergonomic teleworking: challenge accepted!

Pauwels Consulting Academy

At home, your mental well-being, your health and your safety still comes first. To support you in this Pauwels Consulting and Mensura are joining forces in this Academy.

How can you avoid work-related health problems while working from home?

With a short checklist that gives you insight into your own situation you’ll learn in 8 steps how you can learn to work from home in a healthy and productive way. The focus of this academy will be optimizing your ergonomic way of working together with some creative & practical tips & exercises.

The expert explains in 8 steps how to get healthy and can work productively from home.

  • Ergonomic working from home: an optimal working posture and environment to avoid ergonomic complaints.
  • Vital homeworking: how to get enough exercise and integrate a balanced diet into the working day.
  • Mentally healthy and focused working from home

This Academy is aimed at raising your awareness. Afterwards you will have the right attitude to work at home in a healthy and productive way. You can start working with the concrete advice immediately after the course.


Virtual class: English spoken
Date: Wednesday the 2nd of December
Time: from 17:30h to 19h
Host & co-host: Sofie De Vocht & Ruth Costers, 2 ergonomists of Mensura

We will send you the webinar link & a platform with more information in advance.

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