Excel Advanced

Pauwels Consulting Academy

At the request of many employees, we are launching two Excel webinars with functions that a lot of people have to use on the job but are not very easy to master.

Excel: Vlookup & Pivot tables – webinar

  • List vs Table
  • Functions
    • VLOOKUP()
    • COUNTIF() and SUMIFS()
    • IF() and IFS()
  • Pivot table

Minimum requirements to be able to participate:

  • Familiar with standard functions such as SOM(), AVERAGE(), MAX(),…
  • Familiar with absolute and relative references
    • =$A$1
    • =$A1
  • English desktop version (preferably), not the online version & worked with Excel 2016 of later version

Excel: PowerQuery – webinar 

  • PowerQuery
    • Get and Transform Data
    • Queries & Connections

Minimum requirements to be able to participate:

  • Very familiar with pivot tables
  • Worked with Excel 2016 or later version


Language: Dutch
Excel Vlookup & Pivot tables – October 8, from 17:30 to 19:00
Excel PowerQueries – October 15, from 17:30 to 19:00
You will receive the webinar link a couple of days in advance.
These webinars are exclusively for Pauwels Consulting consultants & freelancers.

The trainer

Stijn de Preter is a Pauwels Consulting consultant and has been working for over 5 years in the pharmaceutical sector. During this time, he’s worked in various roles in and around the laboratory. Stijn loves to learn, so he’s studying for his Bachelor in IT at the moment. Next to that, he’s an avid Excel user that is happy to share his knowledge and experience with his colleagues. In addition to the explanation of the Excel functions, there will be some exercises.

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