Focus Management

Pauwels Consulting Academy

An organization that invests in a better focus of its employees can significantly increase its productivity and job satisfaction.

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A lot of our work energy and job satisfaction is lost because people are constantly distracting us. This means we have to put a lot of effort into refocusing. If we could understand how focus works in our brain, then we could learn to protect our focus and thus save valuable time. Focus management is the skill you need to make a difference in the future!


Language: English
Date & time: March 3, 2020 – 4pm to 7pm
Location: Pauwels Consulting, first floor, Meetdistrict, Posthofbrug 6-8, Berchem
Partner: the Tipping point, expert in building the skills for today & tomorrow
Max. number of participants: 15


Ilse Bal coaches and trains clients to think, communicate and perform better. Her passion is to let individuals and organizations discover their potential and provide them with a toolbox to help reach their goals/dreams. She is a trainer, coach and consultant with a focus on soft skills, leadership and communication.

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