Giving & receiving feedback

Pauwels Consulting Academy

During this interactive live virtual training we focus on the reasons why our brain is struggling so hard with feedback and what we can do to weapon ourselves when giving and receiving feedback.

Each participant uses his/her own cases to translate the new insights and skills into the shop floor. During the various Q&A moments questions from participants are answered by our content expert.

Language: English
Date: Wednesday 3th of June– from 17:30 to 19:00
Partner: the Tipping point, expert in building the skills for today & tomorrow.

Michel De Gieter is a seasoned trainer with a passion for personal development & all related topics. His multilingualism and versatility ensures that he works fluently in three languages (NL – ENG – FR) as a professional trainer and actor. So, no surprise that his calendar is booked solid! Michel prefers to focus on topics such as emotional intelligence, resilience, difficult conversations, feedback, powerful communication, etc.