Happiness Webinar

Pauwels Consulting Academy

These are strange times, we know. Organizing a “happiness” webinar right now might sound odd at first, but we believe right now is actually the perfect timing to do so.


  • Research shows that quarantine can have a lot of psychological effects: stress, confusion, anger, worrying, … Now more than ever, it can feel like a challenge to ‘be happy’.
  • Being happy sounds fluffy to you? It won’t if you know that in 2019, World Economic Forum stated that “happier workers do a better job”. (source: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/11/happy-employees-more-productive/)
  • We believe just like good leadership, happiness is not something you should take for granted. On the contrary, it’s something that you can work on every day – even when working from home 😉

In this interactive webinar, Bert Bleyen, head of talent development @ ORMIT shares his research with all of you.

How will this work?

  • When: the 30th of April from 8 till 9 AM
  • Join the Zoom meeting via the link we will send you in advance when you register
  • Please bring your coffee and/or breakfast with you 😊

Trainer: Bert Bleyen

Bert Bleyen is Head of Talent Development at Ormit. He helps people and organizations to fully unlock and enjoy their talent. An energetic speaker who will help you start the day with some positive vibes!

Register here: