Introduction to Data Integrity

Pauwels Consulting Academy

In this 1h webinar, we will talk about the basic principles of data integrity, data lifecycles and data governance.

Data integrity has been one of the basic GMP requirements for years, but we will also go over the current international regulatory expectations and guidances to the industry. Implementation of data integrity principles often requires a pragmatic and risk-based approach. In this webinar session, we will take a  look at examples of data integrity issues in the pharmaceutical industry and its remediation.

Details of this webinar

Language: English, or dependant from the attendees
Time: June 23, 6 to7 pm
This webinar is for Pauwels Consulting consultants & freelancers only.

The trainer
Nathalie Wellens is a Pauwels Life Sciences consultant and started several years ago as a Validation Engineer in the life sciences industry. She developed a special interest for data integrity in her previous projects and had the opportunity to implement a data integrity governance program at Pauwels Consulting for Sanofi. She takes up a leading role in our Data Integrity Task group.

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