Pauwels Consulting Academy

Mindfulness can be seen as attention training. The purpose is to consciously pay attention to your experience in the present moment and thus increase awareness.

You will learn to understand situations without coloring them with emotional reactions or reacting to them based on automatic behavioral patterns. In this way, we can see what is needed in a certain situation, while taking into account the bigger picture.

Mindfulness can be applied at work as well as at home. Plenty of scientific research has shown that its practice leads to improved attention functions, a reduction of stress and burn-out levels, strengthened collegiality and an increase in overall wellbeing.

Which topics will we discuss?

  • Attention management & efficiency at work
  • Insight into the build-up of stress and how to approach this
  • Applying mindfulness for increased resilience and the prevention of burn-out
  • The value of slowing down, also at work
  • Turning the switch from work to home and vice versa


Language: English
Max. number of participants: 20.
Date: June 9, 2020, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Location: Pauwels Consulting, Meetdistrict, first floor, Posthofbrug 6-8, Berchem


Steven Dewulf has been a mindfulness trainer since 2013. From 1998 to 2012, he worked for big companies as an engineer and always had a special interest in well-being in the workplace. When he discovered Mindfulness as a tool for stress reduction and burn-out prevention, it turned out to be such a life-changing revelation, that he decided to become a trainer.

Steven’s introduction to Mindfulness became much more than an education. It became a great source of joy and harmony in his life that he wanted to share and pass on. In his spare time, he loves track racing, sauna, traveling, good food, wine & beer.

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