Resilience in times of change

Pauwels Consulting Academy

Today, we are already undergoing a constant stream of change. In the future, the waves of change will continue to swell and follow each other ever faster. All this calls on our resilience.

Literally, resilience refers to the ability to bounce back after a blow or trauma. This psychological concept has become a trending topic in the business world, but it does not cover the full load. Not only should you have the ability to bounce back after a (counter)blow, but also to preventively resist your innate tendency to see change as something threatening.

But can we train that? Yes, we can! Resilience consists of several components that we have an influence on. It starts with getting to know your resilient brain to select the right strategies to strengthen your resilience. Armed with these techniques, you can more easily turn the challenges that change can bring into opportunities and solutions.

Date: Tuesday, the 10th of November, from 5:30 pm to 7 pm.
Language: English (or depending on the participants).
Format: webinar
This workshop is exclusively for Pauwels Consulting employees & freelancers.
Partner: the Tipping point, expert in building the skills for today & tomorrow.


Michel De Gieter is a seasoned trainer with a passion for personal development & all related topics. His multilingualism and versatility ensures that he works fluently in three languages (NL – ENG – FR) as a professional trainer and actor. So, no surprise that his calendar is booked solid! Michel prefers to focus on topics such as emotional intelligence, resilience, difficult conversations, feedback, powerful communication, etc.

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