Yellow Belt Program

Pauwels Consulting Academy

This is a Yellow Belt certification program consisting of 7 webinars: 5S, a lean six sigma tool, Value Stream Mapping, RCA / Ishikawa / 5 Why, FMEA, Brainstorming, Graphics & a final Yellow Belt case study.

You can of course register for one or multiple webinars but in order to obtain the Pauwels Consulting Yellow Belt certification, you need to attend all Yellow Belt webinars.

1. 5S, a lean six sigma tool

In this 1h webinar, you will get an introduction to the 5S methodology. 5S will deliver you a clean, safe and structured workspace.  We will explain the 5 steps using stories and pictures from projects we facilitated in the past and give tips & tricks based on lessons learned in those projects. We will also do a 5S simulation game during the webinar so that you can ‘feel’ 5S and the benefits it can bring.

By the end of the webinar, we make the link to the lean and six-sigma methodology and where 5S fits in it.

Date & time: the 22nd of September, from 6 pm to 7 pm

2. VSM:

In this 1h webinar, you will get an introduction to “Value Stream Mapping” (=VSM). The VSM is more than just a process map. We will explain which information you can find in a VSM and what you can do with it. We will also explain how you can draw/build a VSM.

Just as we did in the 5S-webinar, we will explain where a VSM finds its anchor point with the lean-methodology / -philosophy.

Date & time: the 6th of October, from 6 pm to 7 pm

3. RCA / Ishikawa / 5 Why:

In this 1h webinar, you will get an introduction into the use of an Ishikawa (= fishbone) diagram and the 5-Why approach as part of a Root Cause Analysis (=RCA). There are different tools that can be used for RCA-purposes; Ishikawa and 5-why are two frequently used ones.

In the 5S and VSM webinars, we explained where they interacted with the LEAN philosophy, in this RCA/Ishikawa/5-Why webinar we will explain where these tools/methodology interacts with the six-sigma methodology.

Date & time: the 13th of October, from 6 pm to 7 pm

4. Brainstorming:

In this 1h webinar, we will provide tips and tricks to facilitate a good brainstorming based on many brainstorming sessions we facilitated in the past at clients. We will provide some do’s and don’t’s.

Just as we did in the previous webinars on 5S, VSM and RCA, we will explain where you can use brainstormings into Lean Six Sigma-projects.

Date & time: the 27th of October, from 6 pm to 7 pm

5. Using the right graphs:

It may sound obvious that one should use the right graph to present figures but in practice, we often see/saw that it is not always obvious. In this 1h webinar, we will show some examples and explain the use/purpose of a “time-series-plot”, “Pareto-plot” and “frequency-plot”.

Using the right graphs is often key to making the right analysis in a six-sigma project and motivating towards decision-makers to take (no) action in one or the other direction.

Date & time: the 17th of November, from 6 pm to 7 pm

6. FMEA:

This is a method to quantify problems/risks and to prioritize them against one another. This tool is often used to estimate the impact of an event in a problem situation but it is also often used to proactively predict the impact of possible changes/actions in a process.

In this 1h webinar, we will explain this method and use some examples from past projects to show how it can help in making decisions and how/where it fits into a six sigma project.

Date & time: the 24th of November, from 6 pm to 7 pm

7. TIMWOOD and DMAIC called Lean Six Sigma (LSS): 

In this 1h webinar, we will explain the different 6-sigma projecphases (DMAIC) and the differences between Yellow– , Green–  and Black Belt projects. At that moment it will become clear in which phases all the tools, explained in the previous 6 webinars, can be applied. The last simple tools will be handled as well (SIPOC, VOC and KPI’s). 

Next to this we will pay also attention on the 7 categories of waste, also known as TIMWOOD, you can possibly find and eliminate in a process. By doing , you will enter into the world of LEAN. 

After this webinar you will know the difference between LEAN and 6-sigma and why they are often combined in a project. 

Date & time: the 1st of December, from 6 pm to 7 pm

Yellow Belt:

Here we will show a real life Yellow Belt that was done in a life science company. We will go through the DMAIC steps and do a recap at the same time of our complete webinar-YB-journey. If participants should have questions of any of the previous webinars than they can be handled as well. We will have some summary-handouts ready as well. 

At the end of this webinar we have a small “announcement” as well … don’t mis it! 

Date & time: the 8th of December, from 6 pm to 7 pm

The trainer

Kris Van Nieuwenhove has over 15 years of experience in using the operational excellence methodology and tools such as Six Sigma and Lean. In 2004 Kris became a certified Green Belt and from that moment on, Kris was always in OpEx roles in companies like Mondi, Catalent, Aleris,… Stacked with all that knowledge of different company-cultures, he decided to join Pauwels Consulting in March 2015. Since then Kris has helped clients like GSK, Imerys, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Aji Bio-Pharma services, Elaut, Metaco, Barco,… with optimizing their operational flow.

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