5S, a tool in Lean Six Sigma methodology

Pauwels Consulting Academy

In this 1h webinar, you will get an introduction into the 5S methodology.

‘5S’ will deliver you a clean, safe and structured workspace.  We will explain the 5 steps with stories and pictures out of projects we facilitated in the past and give tips & tricks based on lessons learned in those projects. We will also do a small ‘5S’ simulation game during the webinar so that you can ‘feel’ 5S and the benefits it can bring. By the end of the webinar, we make the link to the lean and six-sigma methodology and where 5S fits in it.

Details of this webinar

Language: English or dependant on participants
Date: June 24th, 8-9am.
For Pauwels consultants & freelancers only

The trainer

Kris Van Nieuwenhove has over 15 years of experience in using the operational excellence methodology and tools such as Six Sigma and Lean. In 2004 Kris became a certified Green Belt and from that moment on, Kris was always in OpEx roles in companies like Mondi, Catalent, Aleris,… Stacked with all that knowledge of different company-cultures, he decided to join Pauwels Consulting in March 2015. Since then Kris has helped clients like GSK, Imerys, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Aji Bio-Pharma services, Elaut, Metaco, Barco,… with optimizing their operational flow.

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