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To secure growth, industrial and manufacturing companies are focusing on innovation and new technologies. Pauwels Consulting plays a key role in these successful projects.

The manufacturing industry is currently feeling the effects of the ever-increasing evolution of the digitisation of the economy. Ever more factories, storage warehouses and energy systems are operating in a digital environment as a result of this: product cycles are becoming shorter and new business models are emerging.

The competitiveness of a production site will be determined by the company’s ability to establish a network with different parties involved in the production process, which will result in accelerated development and commercialisation.

Infrastructure renewal, digitisation and automation

In this context, the introduction of generally accepted standards for communications between machines, data security and new business models are the real challenges to which networks could provide a solution. After all, collaboration is the way to unlock the full potential, but this requires a network in the domains of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and ICT. Suppliers, manufacturers and customers will increasingly need to communicate and collaborate within a network to optimise products and solutions.

The challenges facing the manufacturing industry involve the ongoing renewal of the infrastructure, automation and transitioning to a SMART industry in which the digitisation of the process leads to continuous data monitoring and analysis, so that the correct actions can be taken.

The solutions

The projects designed to meet these challenges require specific knowledge, talent and experience, which are often lacking within the organisation. As a specialist in the fields of design, project management, QHSE, supervision, system engineering, software development and testing, Pauwels Consulting can support companies with these projects.

Added value of Pauwels Consulting

The expertise built up over the years enables Pauwels Consulting to take on an advisory and proactive role in specific projects and to support companies before, during and after this project. The experience, partnerships and expertise make Pauwels Consulting a knowledge company in the service of its clients. We can call upon an extensive network of experts to assemble the right team for your project. But that’s not all. Throughout all projects, Pauwels consultants receive individual support through discussions and, potentially, extra training. This comprehensive approach guarantees the optimal execution of your challenging and demanding projects.

This personal touch ensures a clear win-win situation: successful results for the company as well as satisfaction for the consultant.

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