Lean Management

Pauwels Consulting Academy

28 Feb 2019
Pauwels Consulting Academy recently organized a lean management workshop to learn about process optimizing.

On Tuesday, February 18, a duo from the Refuelers shared their knowledge on lean management during an interactive hands-on workshop in Antwerp for the Pauwels Consulting Academy. They made us play a store – producer – customer game to show what could possibly go wrong in the process and to learn how to optimize by ourselves taking into account some of the lean management pillars: waste management, voice of the customers, pull strategy, continuous improvement, identifying bottlenecks, reducing idle time and creating an optimal flow, etc.

Below, you will find a few pictures of the event.


Do you have any questions regarding this workshop, do you want the slides and/or would you like to learn more about networking in general? Contact Céline Van Puymbrouck, our Learning and Development Coordinator via celine.vanpuymbrouck@pauwelsconsulting.com.


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