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    Operational Excellence at Metaco

    Our Operational Excellence consultant Bilal was given the opportunity at Metaco to analyze the current cost price calculation and formulate a new one taking into account all costs. Furthermore, he had to optimize the working method, the general safety, the storage procedure, the business and production processes. Kris, his senior OpEx colleague, looks back on the project with great satisfaction.

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    Time management: seven tips for more serenity and efficiency

    Time management... There are already plenty of books, workshops and self-help groups dealing with this issue. Perhaps even too many… Nevertheless, Luc Keppens from T&C managed to provide an unusually interesting, interactive and amusing Pauwels Consulting Academy session on time management. Below, we’ve set out the key points of the session. Are you always short of time? Then read these seven tips about time management, which will help you start working much more efficiently right away.

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    4 sportive tips to be a top-class consultant

    While writing this blog post, my legs are still tingling from the physical endurance at Mallorca. It involved over twenty-five hours of cycling, running and swimming during one single week: this is a holiday as well! Since this year, I am more eager than ever before to realise the most important sportive challenge in my life: the Ironman in Bolton.