December 2


18:00 - 19:00

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Celine Van Puymbrouck

This session is all about Lean Integrated Project Delivery

In traditional Lump Sum Projects, one starts with an engineering study. This study results in a binder of specifications sometimes also called User Requirement Specifications. The project-owner will consult most of the time 3 general constructors and the one with the lowest bid, most of the time will be appointed to carry out and lead the construction. These type of contracts holds risks for the owner and also for the general constructor. When unforeseen circumstances pop up these risks and discussions often ends in projects surpassing the foreseen due date and penalties to pay by the general constructor or even worse these discussions end up in court.

In LeanIPD, all the partners come together already from the design phase to discuss how they will work together and handle unforeseen issues. They also put a part of their profit at risk. In return, they can get an extra bonus if they deliver on time or earlier.

It’s a win-win for the owner who pays less than estimated and the general constructor and other partners get more profit than they initially had foreseen.

Last Planner System, Push-pull-flow, Big-Room, Risk-management, BIM,… are techniques that are used in LeanIPD.

Oosterweel is a construction project that is managed following the LeanIPD principles.

This session will be delivered from an owner and also a Big-Room-Facilitator’s point of view who participated in the first LeanIPD project at P&G Brussels Innovation Center.

Target audience: project managers, architects, engineers, purchasing managers, cost-controllers,  or others who are interested in Lean IPD.

Biography Kris Van Nieuwenhove

Kris Van Nieuwenhove was always active in OpEx roles in companies like Pfizer, Mondi, Catalent, Aleris, … Since then Kris has helped clients like GSK, Imerys, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Aji Bio-Pharma services, Elaut, Metaco, Barco, Procter & Gamble… with optimizing their operational flow. Since 2015 Kris joined our Pauwels Family.

Language: English