Right now, The Fourth Industrial Revolution is happening. Discover how technology, industries, and societies are changing fast.

Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution conceptualizes rapid change to technology, industries, and societal patterns and processes in the 21st century due to increasing interconnectivity and smart automation. I would like you to offer an insight in our journey on Industry 4.0 within R&D, showcasing the breadth of our programs. Expect to learn how we can use VR / AR for consumer research or how we can use drones for optimizing our site etc.

The trainer

Davy Van Den Bosch: Senior Manager Innovation Center Engineering and Industry 4.0 at Procter & Gamble’s Brussels Innovation Center.

Studied Industrial Engineering Biotechnology at Campus De Nayer (KU Leuven). Straight after graduation started in 1999 at P&G in Research & Development, gaining experience in product design, process design, modeling & simulation, test method development and high-throughput experimentation and automation. Switched in 2019 to Innovation Center Engineering with a focus on Industry 4.0, Robotics & Automation and project & capital management.

Passionate about technology in general, which definitely reflects in my hobbies: photo- and videography, RC racing, drones, small electronics projects, etc … but also cooking!

P&G’s history in Belgium started in 1956 with the introduction of Dreft, the first synthetic detergent. Over the next 60 years, P&G introduced many breakthrough, life-changing products to the Belgian consumer, including laundry products, disposable diapers, feminine care, and hair care. In 1963, P&G chose Belgium for its first European Research & Development Center for Fabric and Home Care products, located on the old Expo ’58 site. The facility was called The European Technical Center, later renamed the Brussels Innovation Center.

Brussels Innovation Center is Procter & Gamble’s European R&D headquarter and is home to 1100 employees, from which 600 are scientists and engineers.

Guest speaker

Tom Kiebooms is MES expert and works at Sanofi as a Pauwels Consultant.

Language: English

The purpose of this is course is to help you understand why we make human errors, how to reduce them and what good companies do about it.

In a short journey Kris Van Impe will explain to you what Human Error is and what it isn’t. This will put some light on why we make human errors. How do we do something about reducing them. How good industries do something about it. How can we systematically take care of those Human Error related root causes. Finally, let’s practice on our own environment.

The trainer

Kris Van Impe

My affection for Continuous Improvement and Lean started when I worked for General Motors Belgium, 20 years ago.

Later on I worked at Pfizer where I had the chance of developing my skills in Operational Excellence and where I was trained to become Master Black Belt.

At Pfizer I had the pleasure of improving my knowledge of Human Error Reduction, Lean and Six Sigma. Training, coaching and deploying programs in all those disciplines for Pfizer Belgium, and sometimes also other Pfizer sites in Europe, was my job and my hobby at the same time.

After a period of working as freelance where I gave some training sessions for Pauwels Consulting and other companies, I started working for Pauwels with a project at Biocartis. During that time I continued working on all kinds of OpEx related subjects for Pauwels and for Biocartis.

Over all those years I’ve been attracted to everything regarding OpEx and my passion is turning into an addiction!

Language: English

Stakeholders in manufacturing and prototyping. Who are they? How do you manage business & interpersonal relationships with them?

This inspirational session will give you insights in:

  • Concept briefings
  • R&D mindset
  • The diverse technologies for prototype production, with attention for the latest innovations
  • Distinguish the stakeholders for manufacturing and prototyping: Who are they? How to manage business & interpersonal relations with these people?
  • Understand the process flow(s) in order to assure business continuity

The trainer

Bram Van den Broeck has more than 19 years of experience in product development and mechanical design experience & more than 15 years of project management experience. He’s a product development & innovation consultant with a laser focus on product design & user experience. Bram is owner of Ikonblast. Ikonoblast is a product development & innovation consultancy that develops physical & digital products. Based in Antwerp, Belgium, Ikonoblast operates in a globalized context and serves an international clientele of various sizes, in different industries. Ikonoblast’s 360° service covers the full product development & innovation trajectory, ranging from ideation, via component design, up to manufacturing.

Language: English

We’re hearing more and more about emotional intelligence (EQ), but what exactly is it?

How we handle our emotions is an essential part of “emotional intelligence” (EQ). A concept that is getting more and more attention, but what exactly does it entail? And how does in our brain? You will discover this in this inspiration session. You learn how you can gain more insight into your emotions so you can evolve to self-regulation in five five steps. Besides the theory practical tips & tricks that you can get to work with immediately. get to work immediately.

  • What is the importance is of emotional intelligence at work?
  • How can knowledge about my brain help me increase my EQ?
  • What are the 5 questions that can lead me to more self-regulation?
  • In what ways am I responsible for my emotions?
  • What are effective techniques to regulate our emotions?

The trainer

The Tipping Point is a training and consultancy company that guides organisations in the training and implementation of soft skills. Michel De Gieter will be your host. Michel is keynote speaker, senior trainer/coach & training actor.

Language: English

Learn about personal branding from a professional and discover its importance, power, and dos and don’ts.

Personal branding is a hot topic, but for many it is unknown territory. Why should you start personal branding? What can this medium offer me as a consultant? In this workshop, Daniel will discuss the importance, power, dos and don’ts of personal branding. As LinkedIn is a very important medium nowadays, he will particularly focus on how to use it to your personal advantage. By using striking examples he will show you what works and what doesn’t.

The trainer

Daniel De Kind is one of our internal recruiters passionate about social media, branding, photo- & videography.

Language: English

In a short interactive session we will explore together why we as humans still sometimes have such a hard time with change.

Change is everywhere and faster than ever. In a short interactive session we will explore together why we as humans still sometimes have such a hard time with change.

  • Where does resistance come from?
  • How does it manifest itself?
  • Is it different for everyone or are we all up against the same walls?
  • And of course we want to take a moment to learn from each other’s experiences

The trainer

Ruben Persoone deals with the various facets of organizational improvement. He is active as a corporate trainer, consultant and auditor. His areas of expertise are change management, project management, process optimization, interim management and management coaching, whereby his preference is for the pragmatic approach and offering tangible solutions. In the +15 years that he has been active, he has coached companies in change trajectories, lean and project management. Always with a combination of business growth and People Excellence.

Language: English

Learn to be more mindful about stress, worries and fears

“?? ??? ??????? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ??????? ?????? ?? ?????? ???????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????.” (Shantideva)

We all know stress is no good. We all know worrying doesn’t solve anything. In this hectic and demanding world, many people fall victim to stress, worry, and fear as a result of fear.

The thing is, stress, worry and fear don’t always have to be bad things, they can serve as necessary alarm bells, protection or the fuel we need to propel us forward, to make the changes we need.

In this session, we’ll learn to be more mindful about the stress, worries and fears we hold and we’ll explore practical and grounded ways to reduce our stress and become more aware of ourselves.

We’ll get inspired with quotes, poetry and videos. We’ll journal and answer honest questions. You’ll receive practical tools to help you with stress reduction (breathwork, meditation techniques, soft movement exercises)

I look forward to sharing this honest, powerful, stress-free webinar with you 🙂

See you soon!



Namasté ? My name is Delphine Delchambre, born and raised in Belgium, but a world citizen at heart (aren’t we all?!). Yoga has been a big part of my life for the past 6 years, I dare say, it has become my life. Yoga is more than a series of postures we practice and try to move into and sustain, it’s a way of moving, breathing and thinking, a way of life. Yoga is raising your (self)awareness and diving deeper into a broader consciousness. When I’m not doing yoga, I travel the world with my personal project “Wayra Freedom Project”, write, dance, create, get involved in NGOs all around the world… In short: I love to express and share my heart with the world.

Language: English

Optimize your time & priority management!

After this workshop every participant knows :

  • Where they can do better in terms of time & priorities management and priorities and how to change them;
  • What tools and techniques can be used to make every day an optimal day of productivity and
  • What tools and techniques can be used to make each day an optimal day of productivity and satisfaction;
  • How to put the techniques they have learned into practice on a day-to-day basis
  • How to put the techniques they have learned into practice on a daily basis;
  • How to work with the priOptimizer


Kristel Wils is a consultant, trainer and coach at Inside Up. She’s a finance professional with over 10 years of experience. Kristel believes in self leading teams and activating everyone’s talents. She always prefers quality to quantity so that every training session and coaching session is conducted with the utmost care and focus.

Language: English

Je beschouwt jezelf als perfectionist en/of anderen beschouwen jou als perfectionist en je wilt je perfectionismepatroon beter begrijpen.

Wat leer je?

  • Wat ondersteunend en saboterend perfectionisme is, de valkuilen, gevaren en gevolgen.
  • Identificeren wat jouw persoonlijke oorzaken en patronen zijn van perfectionisme.
  • Herkennen en erkennen van perfectionistische gedrag en hoe om te buigen.

? Deze training vindt plaats tijdens de werkuren. Gelieve jullie motivatie neer te schrijven bij het registreren. We brengen je later op de hoogte of je kan deelnemen aan deze training. Plaatsen zijn beperkt.


Karin is zaakvoerder van InsideUp en een enthousiaste, energieke consultant, trainer en coach. Ze heeft 15 jaar ervaring in verschillende posities in de financiële sector, zowel nationaal als internationaal, van leidinggevend tot Chief Operating Officer en deze kennis geeft ze graag door om anderen te laten groeien.

Taal: Nederlands

Understand the key behaviours required to ensure you build the best working relationships with your peers and teams.

During this program of 3 sessions, we will look at how important it is to match the requirements of our team members with the correct leadership style they need.

Directing, mentoring, coaching and finally delegating, we will understand the key behaviours required to ensure you build the best working relationships with your peers and teams.

After this deep dive, you will be able to …

  • Understand the specific differences between the 4 situational leadership styles.
  • Knowing how to adjust to ‘Directing’, ‘Mentoring’, ‘Coaching’ or ‘Delegating’ at the moment.
  • Getting it just right every time by matching your skills to the needs of the individual.
  • Then we look at the impact of getting it wrong to understand the huge impact a simple mistake can make.
  • We focus on coaching because if you get this one right it is like having a Super Power!

Target group: This course is for anyone that leads or manages other people. Whether you manage 1 person or 100 you will be able to apply your understanding from this session immediately. If you followed the situational leadership program in 2021 we advise you not to follow this one.

Biography: Darren Booth

Darren lives in York UK. Has a passion for people and their development, the satisfaction gained by enabling an individual or team to realise their potential is wonderful. Started his own business to follow the passion for developing others in 2017. He has 30 years of industry experience at senior levels. Trained senior managers across multiple businesses. Trained the trainers and assessed assessment centres within Apple, Ikea, The Arcadia Group and many more. Led Graduate Training Schemes in Arcadia Group and Apple from initial onboarding to shaking the hand of a new manager. A trusted advisor with all teams to establish understanding which gives the best.

Important: 3 sessions

This training consists of 3 sessions of 1,5 hours. The first session is on 10 May, the second on 17 May and the third on 24 May. All sessions start at 17h30 and end at 19h.

If you register for the session on 10 May, you are also automatically registered for other sessions on 17 and 24 May 2022.