Design Thinking

Date and time

4 October 2022
09:00-17:00 CEST


Diegem Office

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Target audience

Anyone who sometimes needs to come up with creative solutions in a complex environment.

About this event

The workshop is a first introduction to Design Thinking. This problem-solving method uses context analysis, user testing etc. to find creative solutions for complex problems and continuously improve products and services.

In this workshop, we lay the first foundations. Together, we will reflect on how the process of Design Thinking is structured, the mindset it requires, and explore it with real-life examples. After attending the workshop you will know exactly what Design Thinking is and what it can do for your organization. With a bit of luck, we can also apply it to some concrete questions that you are currently working on with clients.

Teacher Biography

Ruben Persoone deals with the various facets of organizational improvement. He is active as a corporate trainer, (Pauwels) consultant and auditor. His areas of expertise are change management, project management, process optimization, interim management and management coaching, with a preference for a pragmatic approach and offering tangible solutions. In the +15 years he has been active, he has coached companies in change trajectories, lean and project management. Always with a combination of business growth and People Excellence.

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