Focus Management

Date and time

Training Session:
23 May 2023
09:00-17:00 CEST (in class)

13 June 2023
12:00-13:00 CEST (online)


Session 1: Bloomz Office, Lambroekstraat 5A,
1831 Diegem
Room Magritte - ground floor

Session 2: Online

Both sessions require attendance

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Target audience

This training helps everyone who needs more focus and concentration in our complex and noisy world.

About this event

After this training in Focus Management:
  • You know the difference between short-term focus, transition focus and long-term focus.
  • You know when to focus on one task and what the impact of multitasking is.
  • You recognise your focus leaks and know how to avoid them.
  • You can apply techniques to consciously focus your attention and make productive choices.
  • You can plan your work in a way that suits you.
Conscious and productive working and planning on the rhythm of your brain

Do you need to work in an undisturbed and focused way for once? You are not alone. There have never been more distractions than now. We are exposed to five times more stimuli today than a few decades ago.

Dynamic, challenging and exciting, yes. But also more complex. How often does one phone call or agenda change throw your schedule completely out of whack?

In such an environment, there is one skill that becomes more important every day: focus!

“If you can cut yourself off from stimuli, switch quickly between projects and really recharge your brain, you will not only be more productive, you will also save valuable mental energy.”

In the interactive training course Keeping focus in a noisy world, your concentration and focus spots are central. This way you can immediately apply scientific knowledge and new skills in your work environment.

After this training you will know that there are different kinds of focus and that they are closely related to each other. You learn when you have to focus on one task, when you can combine tasks and what this exactly does to your brain.

You recognise focus points, can control them, know how to give attention to the right things and organise your work to the rhythm of your brain.

You learn in a group, work on a personal action plan and receive a useful visual and/or e-book that you can also use after the training.

Teacher Biography

The Tipping Point is a training and consulting firm that guides organisations in training and implementing soft skills.

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