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Celine Van Puymbrouck

Learn how to be creative! Get creative and innovate!

“Creativity is not a talent, it is a way of working” – John Cleese « you’re either creative or you’re not » I sometimes hear people say. Nothing is less true!

Creativity is a working method. Under the right circumstances and with the right tools, anyone can come up with creative ideas. As an organisation, you want to innovate, so in order to innovate, you have to get creative.

« Let’s do a brainstorm » is the message. It’s great to come up with wild ideas with a group of people! But… have you asked the right question? Is the problem you want to solve the real problem? And how do you guide such brainstorm? Will everyone get their chance? And how do you finally decide which idea you want to go for?

There are a number of pitfalls in the creative process that you can learn to avoid with the right methods and tools. In the workshop « Creativity Toolshop » you will learn in a practical way how to use some of these tools and methods so you can use them in your own creative sessions afterwards. In the online version, you will also learn how to bring an online brainstorm to a successful end.


  • The creation flow
  • Find the “real “ problem to solve with the ‘5 x times why’ methodology
  • 7 Holy brainstorm rules
  • Brainwriting (online)
  • Idea prioritisation with the “How, Now, Wow” matrix
  • 5 circumstances to allow creativity


This is not a two-hour webinar, but a highly interactive workshop. Everyone contributes and gets involved. Cameras on, mute button off and… « Action! ». To guarantee this interactivity, a maximum of 10 participants are allowed in the session.


Frederik Vanderveken’s reasons to be a trainer and coach:

« Ahaa! »… you know that feeling when you have come to an understanding or have just thought of a solution to a problem? This « aha-erlebnis » is literally a shot of dopamine in your brain, a reward for your curiosity. As a trainer and coach, I am your dopamine dealer. I get a kick out of it when I can offer you that feeling. My brain rewards me when I succeed in giving you that aha experience.

Frederik’s Profile:

I am a cheerful creative (DISC profile I.S., Insights profile 27 mediating inspirator) with 15 years of flying hours as a trainer and coach. I am always looking for the qualities in people and ways to bring them out. Always « in for something new » and willing to step out of your comfort zone with you and grow together.

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