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Are you an ambitious go-getter who also knows how to have a good time? Do you love helping people find their perfect job? And do you want to work at a Great Place to Work? 

Then you would probably fit in perfectly with our recruitment team. We all have our own methodologies, quirks and characters, but we also have 1 thing in common: everyday, we give our 100%. Help us make a difference for our colleagues and our clients, and join Pauwels Consulting!

Daniel & Valentijn

Internal Recruitment Team

What’s in it for you?

At Pauwels Consulting, you will find a challenging and rewarding working environment:

Top salary package

Bonus system

Car & fuel card

Hybrid working

Personal coaching

Lots of holidays

Career plan

Great tools

Friends & fun

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working here

We are a Great Place to Work! Discover why we’ve received the label in our video below. 

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Curious who you’ll be working with when you join Pauwels Consulting? Meet some of your future colleagues in the video below and discover their story.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a recruitment consultant?

A Recruitment Consultant is a goal-getter with a heart for people and a love for sales and human resources. You will actively look for candidates in the competitive labor market in order to achieve the perfect match between client and consultant. This entails a wide range of responsibilities, going from calling, screening and interviewing candidates to handling salary negotiations.


In short, you are other people’s personal super(wo)man!

Is recruiting a commercial job?

Yep, recruiting is a commercial job mixed with human resources. You will get to call, interview and try to understand many different people. At the same time, working in recruitment is also striving for the best, going the extra mile and handling pressure like no other. Your ideal job if you’re looking for a challenge with a high fun factor!

What will my career look like at Pauwels Consulting?

0 – 6 months: You will be thoroughly trained by our recruitment coach. The ideal mix between theory, practice and on-the-job learning.

6 – 18 months: You’ll grow into a full-fledged expert recruiter in your field.

18+ months: You have proven to be a successful recruitment expert and want to deepen your expertise or have a taste of other departments. You can start talking about your further development with our HR department and personal coaches.

How does the application process work?

In just 3 steps, you can be a part of team Pauwels Consulting. 


  1. An introductory phone call with Daniel.
  2. An interview via Teams with Daniel & Valentijn
  3. An interview on-site with a Business Unit Director & a Recruitment Lead
Does Pauwels Consulting offer internships?

Yes, we do! We think internships are the ideal way to get to know a company, the job of Recruitment Consultant and of course our great atmosphere! “The company makes the job” is a slogan we fully endorse, and you will understand why by the end of your internship.

What's the vibe at the Pauwels Consulting office?

We work hard, go the extra mile and strive for the best match. At the same time, we also make tons of (dumb) jokes, go for a drink from time to time, and have a laugh with our Directors. We value our flat hierarchy, which means that everyone is treated equally, regardless of their position in the company.

What training and coaching can I expect?

You can expect a lot of training opportunities! We have two in-house coaches at Pauwels Consulting, Valentijn and Tijs, who will teach you all the tricks of the trade. You’ll learn about negotiation techniques, LinkedIn optimisation, candidate loyalty… Further on in your career, you will get a personalised trajectory to maximise your growth possibilities and development wishes, for example towards Account Management.

How and where can I work?

You can work in our offices in Ghent (Zuid), Antwerpen (Berchem), Diegem, Herentals, Paris, Capelle aan den IJssel, Nieuwegein or Hoofddorp. Want to embrace the hybrid way of working? We totally understand! You’re free to work from home a couple of days a week, it it’s possible for your job and if you keep achieving great results.

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Daniel, a colleague at Pauwels Consulting, smiling with a big grin on his face, looking happy and content
Daniel De Kind Internal Recruitment Consultant