Medical affairs

The medical and pharmaceutical community consists of a broad network of stakeholders. Medical affairs teams play a crucial role within this network as business ambassadors who build relationships and facilitate information exchange.

Are you interested in support and advice related to your medical affairs? The Pauwels Consulting consultants and project managers have extensive experience in the field of relationship management, publication of specialist literature, distribution of product information and facilitation of communication and knowledge sharing. We would be pleased to assist you!

Medical affairs in practice

Over the years, public authorities and other regulatory authorities have urged pharmaceutical and medical companies to set up a department which is separate from their commercial activities. As a result, the medical affairs department has acquired an important role in the life sciences sector.

Medical affairs teams and departments have become the medical face of these companies. They are closely connected with the pharmaceutical and medical community, understand the challenges facing the sector and proactively search for solutions.

This means they are in a position to provide companies with crucial scientific and clinical support for their commercial products, improve patient care and strengthen the community as a whole.

Medical affairs teams and departments:

  • manage relationships with key stakeholders, including medical experts and thought leaders;
  • process data and publish clinical trial reports;
  • collect important data and insights related to product development;
  • work on research initiatives outside labelled and marketed indications;
  • distribute educational information;
  • and provide information concerning the safety of products for healthcare professionals, such as doctors, pharmacists and nurses, and for patients.

The information and advice provided by medical affairs professionals are based on specialist literature, confidential company information and practical experience.

Thanks to their strong relationships within the medical and academic communities, information can be freely exchanged between the medical community and the organisation, allowing all the interested parties to strengthen each other.

Challenges related to medical affairs

The needs of the medical community have expanded enormously in recent years, as has the technical complexity of interactions. This requires more skills and expertise, more business acumen and more coordination with the commercial objectives of the company.

The success of a pharmaceutical company depends on it being a trusted scientific partner. A company can build this trust with sound scientific research and knowledge sharing, rather than solely relying on commercial messages.

Companies must gain insight into the patient journey and appeal to and influence a broad network of external interested parties. In this process, medical affairs must act as a pivot between the medical community and the internal research organisation.

Medical affairs at Pauwels Consulting

Are you interested in support and advice related to your medical affairs? Pauwels Consulting would be pleased to assist you with:

  • experienced medical-scientific contacts to support your medical affairs teams: these contacts lead the relationship management and distribution of product information with healthcare providers and other clients in the medical field, including regulatory authorities;
  • clinical project managers to support your clinical department: they supply CRAs or CTAs for your clinical trials after launch who plan, execute and support your studies;
  • medical writers to support your medical communications: they write peer-reviewed publications and other medical and scientific publications;
  • trainers to support your medical training needs: they offer medical training to healthcare providers and train internal teams (such as sales staff);
  • medical consultants to support your strategic medical activities: they develop and lead your medical brand strategy for each product and work together with the development and commercial departments and other parties to shape the cross-functional life cycle strategy and planning of the product.

In an age when health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) activities are essential for the success of your company and brands, we also offer support for your research and communications with regard to product value, such as product value files, health technology and assessments.

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