Mediconsult and Pauwels Consulting: a perfect match

Pauwels Consulting has a long tradition in project sourcing. Since our inception in 1999, we have matched thousands of consultants with the projects they were secretly dreaming about. This way, we have also helped many organizations find the one-of-a-kind experts they were looking for to manage and/or otherwise complement their project teams.

Since 2004, we have had a clear focus on project sourcing for the life sciences industry. Our knowledge, experience and customer base have grown over the years, as has our ambition to continue perfecting our services to our clients. This is why Pauwels Consulting and Mediconsult joined forces in 2017. 

Mediconsult, the former life sciences division of Vandycke & Partners, is a renowned brand in the healthcare and life sciences industry with the same values and ambitions as Pauwels Consulting. Since January 2018, Mediconsult has been fully integrated in the Life Sciences business unit of Pauwels Consulting.