Online Yoga Session - Slow is more

Pauwels Consulting Academy

A Mindful Yoga Class in which (body) awareness, breath and slow yet deep movement are central.

This yoga webinar is called “Slow is more”, a yoga class that celebrates slowing down and coming to pure presence. Especially in our Western societies, we have a tendency to rush through life and constantly keep busy. We scare away from silence and consider “doing nothing” as being lazy and unproductive. In doing so, instead of flowing through life, we hurry through it with little consciousness of the here and now, our surroundings and our own selves.

Truth is, slowing down is worthy of being revisited and reinstalled. There lies great creativity in taking time off and when we slow down, we invited awareness into our everyday lives. Wise men of all times and parts of the world have known this all along and urge us to make silence and slow movement, a daily ritual. In silence, we speak the loudest, in silence we get to know ourselves, allow ourselves to be fully present and accept life as it comes. In silence, we grow wiser, stronger and hold more trust.

Let’s invite and savour the silence and slow, conscious movement together.

This class will have some elements of Kundalini yoga to start and then we’ll slide into some more restorative and yin yoga postures.

This is an open level class, accessible to Pauwels consultants & Pauwels freelancers.


Language: English, or dependant on the participants
Date & time: Monday, the 29th of June, from 6 pm to 7 pm
This is a Zoom webinar, you will receive the Zoom link when you register
What do you need: a quiet corner, comfortable clothing and a yoga mat of soft cushion

Trainer: Delphine Delchambre

Namasté 😉 My name is Delphine, born and raised in Belgium, but a world citizen at heart (aren’t we all?!). Yoga has been a big part of my life for the past 6 years, I dare say, it has become my life. Yoga is more than a series of postures we practice and try to move into and sustain, it’s a way of moving, breathing and thinking, a way of life. Yoga is raising your (self)awareness and diving deeper into a broader consciousness. When I’m not doing yoga, I travel the world with my personal project “Wayra Freedom Project”, write, dance, create, get involved in NGOs all around the world… In short: I live to express and share my heart into the world.

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