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Celine Van Puymbrouck

This session will introduce you to Cloud and gives advice on applications and releases

In this session Suki & Maarten will give answers on:

  • What is the Cloud? What is it not? What are the distinctive characteristics of Cloud?
  • When and how started the first cloud platforms, how has it grown and what are the future evolutions?
  • What are the benefits of cloud services? What are the pitfalls of cloud adoption?
  • Advice on cloud application performance
  • How to have smooth releases: regression testing

Biography Maarten Helmer and Suki Maesen

Suki Maesen has taken up different roles within the Atlas Copco IT community (from developer to manager), where she built up broad experience in IT governance. Last 3,5 years she was responsible for the IS/IT part for Cloud for Customer where much of the cloud application best practices come from.

Maarten Helmer is TOGAF9 Certified Architect & owner of Acellius. He also worked as Practice Principal of Business & IT Management Consulting at Fujitsu Belgium & was former Global Enterprise Architect & senior IT Solution Architect at KBC Bank & Verzekeringen, Hewlett-Packard & Deutsche Bank.

Language: English