Project Management Basics

Date and time

08 June 2023
15 June 2023
08:30-17:00 CEST


Bloomz Office, Lambroekstraat 5A,
1831 Diegem
Room Magritte - ground floor

Both sessions require attendance

Max participants


A waiting list will be opened when all seats are taken



Target audience

This session is for:

  • Junior project managers
  • Project team members
  • Everyone who has had a first experience in project management

If you don’t have a first Project Management experience, please subscribe for our February session.

About this event

  • After these 2 days, you will have the tools to prepare a project and to set up a project team
  • You will have the necessary structure, tools, methodology & approach to work in a professional and multinational project management environment
  • You will know what soft skills are needed as a project manager and how you best select and motivate your team
  • You will have experienced how to best approach a problem in a project and how to achieve group consensus
  • You will have experienced how to translate the theory into a simulation project in practice
2 full days interactive training focusing on WHAT and HOW .
Day 1:
  1. Project management as a life skill
  2. Project management basic terminology
  3. Project leader skills
  4. Project steps (DMAIC)
  5. How to prepare your project as a project leader
  6. Project team
  7. Project documents
  8. Thinking hats of De Bono
  9. DISC basics and Offman quandrant
Day 2:
  1. Bring your project into practise in groups
  2. Business case
  3. Project case
  4. Risk analysis
  5. Stakeholder assessment
  6. Kick-off
  7. Project closure
  8. Project charter

Teacher Biography

Heidi Snoeys has 10 years work experience in SME (dispatching, customer service) and 20 years work experience at J&J (project manager, people manager, business analyst, customer service manager).

She is the owner of Andante consulting BV.

  • Trainer project management and professional communication
  • Change manager consultant freelance (in supply chain – distribution environment)
  • Training manager consultant freelance

“The trainer was very good and explained everything very well. I learned more about Project Management and I also presented a Business Case for future projects.” – Pauwels Consultant

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