Operational Excellence in practice

Many organizations strive for Operational Excellence, but do not achieve their intended goals. There are several reasons why those companies fail to achieve their goals. We have summarized the most important causes in this article.

Do you strive for operational excellence and are you looking for a reliable partner with the right expertise, extensive experience with conventional methodologies and tools, and the right soft skills to achieve a “cultural change” within your organization? Then you have come to the right place.

Our Operational Excellence team can assist you in:

  • assessing your current situation,
  • formulating your goals,
  • creating an OpEx plan
  • and implementing and following up Operational Excellence within your organization.

We can also train your staff so your OpEx efforts continue to pay off.

How we see OpEx:

We see Operational Excellence as:

The effort and actions a company puts in place,

through standardized processes,

to drive its conviction,

to deliver towards the customer the requested product(s) and service(s);

at the requested moment and of the desired quality,

at the lowest production effort/cost

and price the customer wants to pay for it.

OpEx Team Pauwels Consulting

To us, OpEx is not tied to a particular sector or industry. OpEx methodologies and tools are applicable to all sectors and to all processes or services, in operational as well as administrative environments.

OpEx methodologies and tools:

Are you looking for a partner who can support and/or train you quickly and efficiently in the field of OpEx methodologies and tools? We can assist you with the implementation of kaizen, lean, six sigma, human error reduction (HER), PRINCE2, scrum, visual management, VSM, 5S, SMED, OEE, FMEA, MMO, dashboards, TIER, TIMWOOD, MINITAB, Gemba , TPM, poka yoke, DFSS, Lean Introduction Game …

But OpEx is more than just the implementation of methodologies and tools!

The success factor:

We know from experience that OpEx can only be successful if it becomes a part of corporate culture. In other words: the pursuit of OpEx is a “culture change” process. So it does not suffice to use the right tools; a succesvol OpEx process also requires the right soft skills. OpEx must be accepted and pursued by everyone within the organization. Only then will it be successful.

That’s why – at Pauwels Consulting –  we continually invest in:

  • our knowledge of OpEx
  • our experience with current methodologies and tools
  • the soft skills and teaching skills of our consultants
  • the ability of our consultants to achieve a “cultural change

This last point has repeatedly proven critical to the success of past OpEx projects.

Do you want to know more?

Do you want more information about Operational Excellence and the potential of Operational Excellence for your company? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our OpEx consultants are happy to assist you!