May 21: Telling a story with bodylanguage

Tuesday the 21st of May, Pauwels Academy hosted a workshop on body language. We learned all about recognizing, understanding and controlling non-verbal signals during this 2 hour session.

On Tuesday, February 19, the Pauwels Consulting Academy organized an introduction session on Lean Management at BluePoint Antwerp.

Lean MNGT - Pauwels Academy

On Tuesday, February 5, the Pauwels Consulting Academy organized an Onboarding evening for new consultants at Pauwels Consulting Diegem.

On Thursday, December 6, Dimitri Verhoye from Smart A’DVice gave a workshop on networking in Antwerp for the Pauwels Consulting Academy.

On Tuesday, November 13, Caroline Massa, communication and leadership coach at Itzu Corporate Training, delivered an inspiring workshop on leadership for the Pauwels Consulting Academy in Diegem.

On Tuesday, October 16, Andrew Turner, Sales Engineer of Investereum, a European Blockchain company, gave an introduction session on Blockchain at Crowne Plaza Antwerp.

In this session Andrew delivered an inspiring and refreshing presentation on blockchain technology and its potential to disrupt processes and industries across the globe in the next couple of years.