On Thursday, December 6, Dimitri Verhoye from Smart A’DVice gave a workshop on networking in Antwerp for the Pauwels Consulting Academy.

On Tuesday, November 13, Caroline Massa, communication and leadership coach at Itzu Corporate Training, delivered an inspiring workshop on leadership for the Pauwels Consulting Academy in Diegem.

On Tuesday, October 16, Andrew Turner, Sales Engineer of Investereum, a European Blockchain company, gave an introduction session on Blockchain at Crowne Plaza Antwerp.

In this session Andrew delivered an inspiring and refreshing presentation on blockchain technology and its potential to disrupt processes and industries across the globe in the next couple of years.

On Thursday, September 13, we organized an introduction session on Serialization at the Pauwels Consulting Diegem offices.

This session was provided by Thomas Santy, Serialization Project Manager at UCB and Jean-Pierre Engels, General Manager at BEMVO.

On Tuesday, June 19, we organized a session on Effective Time Management with practical tips and tricks for more productivity and peace of mind at the Pauwels Consulting Diegem offices.

This session was provided by Luc Keppens from T&C Services.

On Thursday, May 31, we organized an interactive business game with a bit of theory and lots of practice on how to work (more) efficiently at the Conference Center Bluepoint Antwerp.

This session was provided by 2 trainers from Co-learning.be: Jurgen De Smet and Michael Bentein.


On Thursday, November 30, our colleague Ann Claus, Senior Project Manager, gave a seminar on Project Management Tips and Tricks at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Antwerp.

In this session, Ann covered the key processes involved in project management, typical pitfalls you should avoid to prevent your project from failing and the role of the project leader and the skill set he or she needs.

On Thursday, March 30, our colleagues Luc Marivoet, Senior Consultant Engineering Services, and Luc Huybreghts, Senior Consultant QA & Compliance, gave a lecture on Quality Management Systems at the Crowne Plaza in Antwerp.

In their presentation, they covered the history, development and implementation of quality management systems (QMS), the importance and benefits of a QMS for various industries, quality principles and GMP and the most important requirements of an ISO 9001 QMS and of GMP regulations.

On February 16, 2017, Kris Van Nieuwenhove, Pharma Services en OpEx Consultant at Pauwels Consulting, gave an interesting and amusing presentation about the basics of Operational Excellence at our office in Diegem.

In his presentation, Kris covered basic concepts and definitions of Operational Excellence, and he told us about the daily application of OpEx tools and methodologies such as Lean, 6-sigma, Value Stream Mapping and 5S.

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016, Angelo Rossi, Senior Regulatory Compliance Consultant at Pauwels Consulting, gave an interesting presentation about “Data Integrity in a GxP-regulated Environment” at the Brussels Office of Pauwels Consulting.

In his presentation, Angelo covered definitions and concepts of data integrity, the change in regulatory focus, lessons learned from recent FDA warning letters, important highlights of regulations and guidelines. Angelo also presented a practical example of data integrity for a computerized system.

On Tuesday, June 14, our colleagues Fiorenzo Savoretti, Senior Regulatory and Quality Consultant at Pfizer and Nick Deschacht, Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant at GSK, gave an interesting “Introduction to Regulatory Affairs” for an audience of colleagues at the Pauwels Consulting Academy.

Fiorenzo and Nick talked about regulatory affairs and their projects, each from their unique angle. They delivered their presentations for 30 attendees at our Brussels office at the Lambroekstraat 5a in Diegem.

On Tuesday, May 31, 2016, our colleague Luc Marivoet, Senior Consultant Engineering and Quality Manager ISO at Infrabel, gave an interesting presentation about Infrabel, its history, inner workings and projects.

This presentation was the first Pauwels Consulting Academy session. Luc delivered this presentation for 18 attendees at our Brussels office at the Lambroekstraat 5a in Diegem.