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Introduction to Blockchain

On Tuesday, October 16, 2018, Andrew Turner, Sales Engineer at Investereum, a European Blockchain company, delivered an inspiring and refreshing presentation on blockchain technology and its potential to disrupt processes and industries across the globe in the next couple of years.

The presentation started with a brief introduction to blockchain technology, followed by some further information on how blockchain technology can be used to cut out the middle man in transactions, increase security of transactions and increase the speed of transactions in various industries.

After the break, Andrew told us all about cryptocurrencies and real-life applications of blockchain technology in life sciences, production chains and games, to name just a few examples.

Andrews amazing knowledge of and first-hand experience with blockchain technology combined with his smart humor and wonderful presentation skills turned this Pauwels Consulting academy session into one of the most memorable sessions so far.

It was certainly no coincidence that the audience kept asking questions, up until 9.15, 45 minutes after the forecasted end of the presentation.

Thanks again Andrew for sharing your knowledge with us and thank you all attendees for your enthusiasm!

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Do you want more information on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies or both? Or do you want to receive the slides of Andrew Turner’s presentation? Please send an email to celine.vanpuymbrouck@pauwelsconsulting.com and she will take care of the rest.

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