Introduction to Leadership

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, Caroline Massa, communication and leadership coach at Itzu Corporate Training, delivered an inspiring workshop on leadership for the Pauwels Consulting Academy in Diegem.

The presentation started with an overview of different opinions on leadership throughout the past 100 years. We discussed the characteristics of authentic, resonant, positive, mindful and neuro-leadership and the pitfalls of contemporary leaders (hint: if you want to be a great leader, do nothing and start facilitating and orchestrating).

After the break we discussed 5 risks every leader faces and how great leaders can overcome each risk. We discussed, among other things, egocentrism, the empathy gap, the leadership law, the power of active listening and the importance of getting on the balcony and walking the floor at the same time to keep in touch with your followers.

Above all, we learned that we all have to be more aware of ourselves, others and our impact on others, and that we don’t all have to be leaders. Being a great follower can be rewarding too.

Thanks again Caroline for your enthousiasm and for delivering this inspirational session on leadership.

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