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Our solutions

Pauwels Consulting staffs, manages and executes projects for leading companies in Engineering, Pharma and IT. We staff projects with our consultants (Project Sourcing), we help you manage your contingent workforce (Business Process Outsourcing), we find and select experts to join your workforce (Recruitment) and we manage and execute outsourced projects (Turn-key Projects).

Project Sourcing

Do you lack resources, skills and expertise to staff a project? We can complete your team with our experts. We take care of the selection, screening, coaching, education and administration of our experts. You decide where, when and how long you need our help. Read more about Project Sourcing here.

Business Process Outsourcing

Do you need 2 or more talented and motivated subject matter experts to complement your project team for a fixed period of time? And do you want us to manage your contingent workforce? Then Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the perfect solution for you. Read more about Business Process Outsourcing here.

Corporate Recruitment

Are you looking for experts to strengthen your team as soon as possible? Our recruitment experience and elaborate expert network enable us to find experts for virtually any position on a very short notice. Read more about our recruitment services here.

Executive Search and Selection

Are you looking for a manager to take your life sciences team, department or company to the next level? Our colleagues at Vandycke & Partners, the renowned executive search and selection agency for the life sciences industry, can help you with direct search and headhunting services. Together we can help you find experienced and top performing profiles for your top management, middle management and life sciences teams. Read more about our Executive Search and Selection services here.

Turn-key Projects

Do you need a team of experts to manage and execute an entire project? Our Turn-key Projects offer a flexible and scalable solution. We plan, manage and execute your projects with or without the help of your own experts. Read more about our Turn-key Projects here.


Which solution is best for you?

At Pauwels Consulting, we take pride in offering you the perfect solution for every situation and project. If you answer the questions below (5 questions at the most), we will tell you immediately how we can help you achieve your goals.


Are you interested in our services or do you have additional questions? Please call us at +32 9 324 70 80 or fill out the form below. We will contact you shortly. We look forward to speaking with you.