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Corporate recruitment

Are you looking for experts to strengthen your team permanently? Our recruitment experience and elaborate expert network enable us to find experts for virtually any position on a very short notice.

Our recruitment procedure

Our recruitment procedure works as follows:

  1. Together we draw up a profile of your ideal candidate
  2. We introduce you to one or more suitable candidates
  3. If there is an exact match you hire the candidate of your choice
  4. You pay Pauwels Consulting a percentage of the bruto annual wage
  5. You pay no sooner than when the contract with the candidate is signed

The benefits of recruitment

Pauwels Consulting draws on more than 10 years experience with Project Sourcing and Recruitment. We are specialized in finding and selecting profiles that fit projects and teams in terms of skills, expertise, experience, attitude and ambition, and we have a very large network of established experts to choose from. You will enjoy the following benefits:

  • We are able to find suitable candidates on a very short notice
  • We screen our candidates thoroughly in terms of expertise and soft skills
  • We only present candidates that meet our high standards
  • We only present candidates that truly fit your description and corporate culture
  • You save time and money because we take care of the whole recruitment process
  • No cure no pay: You only pay for our services when we find an excellent match that suits your needs


Are you interested in our recruitment services or do you have additional questions? Please give us a call at +32 9 324 70 80 or fill out the form below. We look forward to speaking with you.

Project Sourcing and Turn-key Projects

Do you require extra manpower or do you need specific expertise to complete your project team? But is it difficult to create a permanent position for this role? Project Sourcing offers you the flexibility to staff your projects temporarily with our experts. Read more about Project Sourcing here.

Do you need a team of experts to manage and execute an entire project? Our Turn-key Projects offer a flexible and scalable solution. We plan, manage and execute your projects with or without the help of your own experts. Read more about our Turn-key Projects here.