Pauwels Consulting hires for cultural fit

At Pauwels Consulting, we hire for cultural fit. Why? If you are happy you will be more productive at work and everybody will win.

Now, in order for you to feel happy, you have to feel at home. But how can we know in advance whether you will feel at home with us?

Pauwels Consulting hires for cultural fit. Do we have a match?

Enter CompanyMatch, a nifty web-based tool that allows us to assess the match between your personality and our company’s DNA.

Surely the tool is not fail-safe. We get that. But it’s a good starting point to get to know each other. Are you ready?

How we hire for cultural fit

We’ve included CompanyMatch buttons all over our website. Those buttons look like this:

If you click one of these buttons, a new browser window will open.

You will be asked to register (relax, we don’t get to see your personal details) and rank 4 answers to 20 questions. This little exercise will take no more than 10 minutes.

We have ranked the exact same answers. After you are done, CompanyMatch matches your answers with ours.

Free personal scorecard

You will receive a link to a scorecard like the one below. This scorecard indicates our cultural fit for key areas such as our key values and ambitions. You can also download your scorecard as a pdf file.

Christophe Van Bael - Pauwels Consulting Match

If there is a good match, we will have common ground to start from. If not, we have food for discussion 🙂

100% privacy – we don’t see your personal details or score!

Please mind that we don’t see your personal details and scorecard at any point in time.

That is because CompanyMatch is prohibited by law to share your personal details with us, and because we don’t want to see your details and score unless you want us to!

So, if you have a good match, please feel free send us the link to your scorecard along with your resume and motivation letter. A good match shows that we will probably get along great.

If you don’t have a good match
, don’t feel obliged to share your scorecard with us but please sumbit your resume and motivation letter anyway.

We are continuously recruiting experts for permanent positions with our clients and you may very well match with our clients’ DNA regardless of your “fit” with Pauwels Consulting.

It is up to you!

Please note that you are not obliged to use CompanyMatch to test or ‘prove’ your cultural fit with our organization.

We only provide this service to help you find your dream job.

It is up to you to use the service or not, but if you have a good match, please make sure to send in your resume and motivation letter. We look forward to helping you find your dream job!

Any questions?

Do you have any questions regarding our hiring policy or the use of CompanyMatch to assess our cultural fit?

Don’t hesitate and send your questions to

Good luck!

Christophe Van Bael
Marketing Manager Pauwels Consulting