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« We have great news! Pauwels Consulting is proud to announce Udemy for Business as their new, long-term training partner. Udemy for Business is a top-notch e-learning platform with an unlimited range of courses, from business skills and technology to leadership and wellbeing. 

Do you want to take an online course? On this page, you will find all information on terms and validation criteria. Forward your motivation and learning goals to your Talent Manager or HR Business Partner to apply. Learn in a fun and easy way with Udemy for Business! »

Céline Van Puymbrouck

L&D Coordinator

Learning with Udemy


Business skills

Microsoft tools such as Excel or Power BI, professional communication skills, project management, business fundamentals and much more.


Technical skills

Javascript, Python and other programming languages, web development, ML, AWS certification, engineering, design, and so much more.


Human skills

Personal development comes in many shapes: discover creative skills, entrepreneurship, stress management, language learning and many more.

Your learning engagement

A license costs between €300 and €500 per year. This is an investment that Pauwels Consulting gladly makes. 

We expect your learning engagement in return after your license is activated.


  1. You discuss your learning objectives with your Talent Manager or HR Business Partner beforehand and – if applicable – build a learning path with the courses you want to follow.
  2. We provide a standard access period of 3 months. In consultation with your Talent Manager or HR Business Partner, this can be shorter or longer depending on your intended learning objectives.


  1. You will use the e-learning platform for at least 1 hour of active learning time per week. 2 short learning moments per week are an ideal frequency. This ensures continuity of learning. If this minimum is not reached, the license will be passed on.
  2. You commit to achieving your learning objectives within the agreed time frame; as decided beforehand with your Talent Manager or HR Business Partner.
  3. You are willing to take this e-learning after working hours. These hours will therefore not be registered in IonBiz as training.

Apply via your Talent Manager

Get in touch with your Talent Manager (or HR BP if applicable) directly. They will ask you about your fields of interest and motivation.

We have a limited number of licenses, so we want to ensure they are used optimally! 

Please mind that Udemy licenses are not offered to freelance team members.