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Pauwels Consulting is a family of more than 1084 consultants. Although all our consultants deserve a place on this page, we cannot show them all. It would get a bit too crowded here, and we have to keep our distance in these challenging times.

We would like to introduce our back office team instead. Our colleagues below take care of our consultants and clients on a daily basis. Do you have questions for our team or would you like to join us? Contact us here. We look forward to getting in touch.

Bert Pauwels Managing Director
Mélodie Rogiers HR Director
Thomas Eggermont Financial Director
Van Nguyen Life Sciences Director
Jan Fyens Engineering and IT Director
Danny Klooster Senior Recruitment Consultant Engineering
Frederic Coppens Recruitment Consultant Engineering
Koen De Borle Training Program Manager
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Björn Nachtegaele Senior Account Manager Engineering
Mieke van Cauwenberge Recruitment Consultant Engineering
Tony Baert Recruitment Consultant Engineering
Daniel De Kind Internal Recruiter & Recruitment Consultant Engineering
Kristiaan Mortiers Senior Account Manager IT
Charlotte Dejonckheere Recruitment Consultant IT
Christophe De Wit Recruitment Consultant IT
Dounia Zalagui Recruitment Consultant IT
Julie Bernaert Recruitement Consultant IT
Kelly De Jonghe Recruitment Lead IT
Marc De Roeck Business Manager IT
Mathijs Vansynghel Recruitment Consultant IT
Michel Mertens Account Manager IT
Pascale Bethuyne Sales Administrator
Stéphanie Smeets Account Manager IT
Tom Eerens Account Manager IT
Widad El Aouam Recruitment Consultant IT
Nicolas Aubert Business Unit Director France
Ikram Boujouai Person of Trust
Benoit Bourges Business Solutions Manager France
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Valeria Romero Talent Recruiter France
Stéphanie Seeger Talent Recruiter France
Pieter Ardinois Senior IT Consultant
Glenn Laenen System Engineer
Lawrence Despiegeleire Backend Developer
Charlotte Degroote Contract & Invoice Administrator
Joke Roggeman Welcome Officer
Linda Kennis Contract & Invoice Administrator
Melissa Moreels Contract & Invoice Administrator
Stefanie Aers Contract & Invoice Administrator
Luc Marivoet QHSE Manager
Zuleyha Poyraz HR Officer
Maud Bruyère HR Officer
Els De Taeye HR Officer
Florianne Hebbelynck HR Officer & Coordinator (P&O)
Natasha Saelens Administration & Payroll Manager
Frederik De Buck Finance Manager
Barbara De Greve Account Manager Engineering
Aagje De Visscher Finance Administrator
Krista De Wreede Finance Administrator
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Niels Declerck Technology Director
Saskia Van Laere Business Support Coordinator
Jens Vriendt Mobility Manager
Kurt Quinot Marketing Manager
Tijs Billemon Business Coach
Valentijn Velghe Internal Recruitment Consultant & Coach
Debbie Croonen Talent Manager Life Sciences
Bernd Aarts Talent Manager Engineering
Céline Van Puymbrouck Learning & Development Coordinator
Karoline De Visscher HR Officer
Koen Willems Talent Manager Life Sciences
Thomas Bertin Account Manager Life Sciences
Erlend Mazereel Senior Account Manager Life Sciences
Maxime Vanderschueren Recruitment Consultant Life Sciences
Frédéric Demartin Recruitment Consultant Life Sciences
Robin Petiniot Recruitment Consultant Life Sciences
Kawtar Begdouri Recruitment Consultant Life Sciences
Valérie De Groote Recruitment Consultant Life Sciences
Amandine Jansen Recruitment Lead Life Sciences
Tiene Ruebens Account Manager Life Sciences
Dirk Verstraete Senior Consultant Life Sciences
Jason Megens Recruitment consultant Life Sciences Nederland
Hayat Allam Account Manager Life Sciences
Adrien Van Drooghenbroeck Account Manager Life Sciences
Sandy Beirnaert Recruitment Consultant Life Sciences
Lisa Carrette Recruitment Consultant Life Sciences
Lize Meersschaert Recruitment Consultant Life Sciences
Carine Vanbeveren Senior Account Manager Life Sciences
Julien Vergouts Recruitment Consultant IT
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The heart and soul of Pauwels Consulting is our group of engineering, life sciences and IT consultants that help our clients meet their project deadlines every single day. Every one of our consultants has dreams, ambitions and a wonderful story to tell. Click the button below to discover the amazing people that work with us.

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Joke Roggeman Welcome Officer