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In the past 21 years, we have helped many companies in a wide range of industries to find the right people for their project teams. Urgent short term projects, multidisciplinary long term projects, business-critical projects, audits, trainings… We’ve seen and done it all.

A common thread throughout all these projects is our never-ending focus on quality, speed and trust. By only proposing consultants who could really add value to the projects at hand, and by doing this quickly time and again, we have created a lot of trust and goodwill with our clients. We know our customers and our customers know us. We know we can rely on each other.

How we work

At Pauwels Consulting, we don’t just find and present consultants to complement your project team; we find and select the *best* consultants for your specific situation. We have more than 25 recruiters available to work on your requests. But this is just a starting point. Over the years, we have built an extensive team of HR-officers, Talent Managers and a Training and Development Coordinators to support the personal and professional growth of all our consultants on a daily basis. Regular follow-ups with our consultants, knowledge sharing, internal and external courses and workshops… we invest consciously in the well-being and continuous development of our consultants. Because the happier and more knowledgeable our consultants are, the better they perform, and the more value they will bring to your organisation.

Tell us your needs, and our recruitment team will probably be able to propose the right candidate to you in a matter of days.

Why work with us

There are many consulting firms out there, but we have quite a few aces up our sleeve.

Qualitative candidates

We have a large team of consultants to help you with your projects, and if we don’t have an expert available immediately, we can tap into a warm network of consultants we have built and nurtured over the past 20 years. Tell us your needs, and we will probably be able to propose the right candidate to you in a matter of days.

qualitative candidates
multidisciplinary approach

Our multidisciplinary approach

Since we work on so many projects in different sectors, we can help you with very specific staffing needs across department and national borders. One team, one goal, and no need to reintroduce yourself, your way of work, your ambitions and protocols time again. We know you and we both know we can rely on each other. A reassuring thought in crazy times.

We are a partner for the long term

Too many hit-and-run companies have given recruitment a bad name. That’s a shame. We are in it for the long run. We invest heavily in the personal and professional growth and welfare of our consultants, and in a good professional relationship with you. Our commercial directors, account managers, recruitment consultants and supporting staff look forward to helping you realise your goals.


We focus on growth

We focus on growth. The more our consultants grow, the better they can serve you and the more you can grow. This, in turn, will drive more requests our way, which will allow us to grow. That’s a circle we have been spinning for the past 20 years, and which has been a win-win-win for our consultants, our clients and us. Do you want to join? Don’t hesitate and get in touch!

Our industries

We can help you in any of the following industries:

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