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How can we help our clients with Data Insights?

Our people develop databases of all kinds that meet our clients’ requirements, while keeping an eye on the security and performance of said database. To do so, our Database Developers use Oracle tools and Big Data tools to develop both SQL and NoSQL databases. Unit tests, load testing, performance checks and peer reviews are performed to ensure everything works as intended. 

Our Database Developers can be found in sectors ranging from news and entertainment to the banking and energy sectors. This means our people bring a wide range of skills and experiences to the table and are an asset to any existing team. Thanks to their different projects, our consultants are always learning and improving their skills. 

What is our added value as Pauwels Consulting?

Data Insights is the way forward. Our developers guarantee a secure and high-performance database with 100% uptime. Moreover, our consultants are flexible and bring new ideas to the table. They offer an outsider’s perspective on the company and its actual requirements, which can be refreshing and stimulate the entire team to think out of the box. 

The roles

We are always looking to strengthen our team with the following experts:

Data Engineer

Our Data Engineers develop algorithms to help make raw data more useful to enterprises, and uncover trends in data sets by extracting data from different sources (e.g. databases, ERP systems, CRM systems, …) and transforming it into other systems or file formats (e.g. xls files). To accomplish these tasks, our Engineers use their significant set of technical skills, including a deep knowledge of SQL database design and multiple programming languages. 

Data Scientist

Our Data Scientists extrapolate and share insights from collected data to help companies make objective decisions. Our people are highly skilled in modeling, statistics, analysis and mathematics.

Data Analyst

Our Data Analysts clean, model and analyse data to detect useful data or reach conclusions. Our Analysts create dashboards, export data from a database into excel or other visualisation tools (e.g. Tablea, Clickview, …) and simplify data for server reporting.

Peter Lowagie

“I love working with a wide range of clients in different environments, because it means I learn something new every single day.”

Peter Lowagie

Database Developer

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