Tailor-made solutions that are
smart and user-friendly

How can we help our clients with Development?

Improving the user experience, developing a user-friendly interface, upgrading back- and front-end communication… Our IT development consultants do it all. Our consultants enjoy technical challenges and figure out tailor-made solutions for our clients day in, day out.

Our IT solutions don’t just work; they always look great and they are always user-friendly. The diverse skill set of our IT development team enables us to take on every aspect of an IT Development project and deliver high-end IT solutions for every project.

What is our added value as Pauwels Consulting?

Most of our IT Development consultants have multiple years of experience under their belt. They have completed numerous projects in different teams and different fields. As a result, they are well equipped to take on complex IT projects of all sizes.

Moreover, at Pauwels Consulting, we stimulate the continuous education of our consultants through internal knowledge transfers and external speakers and trainings. Our IT Development consultants are always up to date and ready to deliver.

The roles

We are always looking to strengthen our team with the following experts:

Back-End Developer

Our Back-End Developers write software for the back-end of applications in .NET, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Cobol and Groovy. With this software, our Developers can integrate different systems with each other.

Embedded Developer

Our Embedded Developers write software for industrial environments (e.g. PLC’s) or certain devices (e.g. tracking devices) in C, C++ and Objectif-C. This software makes everyday life easier for all of us as it is present in specific machines like the special barcode scanner of your mailman, the entertainment system of your car, the bank terminals and so many more. 

Front-End Developer

Our Front-End Developers write the software for the screens, functionalities, applications and programs that you use every day. Our developers take the design and wireframes provided by our other developers and bring them to life using Angular, Javascript, Vue.js, React, HTML and CSS.

Full-Stack Developer

Our Full-Stack Developers combine the profiles of our Front-End and Back-End Developers, as they both integrate systems and develop the visible screens and designs. These chameleons work in front-end and back-end teams, as well as on start-up or prototype projects that need quick results. 

Mobile Developer

Our Mobile Developers write applications for both Android and iOS. They are specialists in ‘platform native’ functionalities, which means they take into account touch screens, location based features, cameras and so much more. 

Software Architect

Our Software Architects create the technical architecture needed to develop an application. Based on the technical analysis, our Architects select the frameworks, decide on the code structure and naming conventions, etc. 

Teamleader Development

Our Teamleaders Development guide the entire development team consisting of Back-End, Front-End, Mobile and Embedded Engineers in their daily work. They make sure that the team works together efficiently and meets the goals the company has set.

Web Developer

Our Web Developers write software for websites and web-based applications in HTML, CSS, Drupal, WordPress and other technologies like .NET. Our people develop the web pages and functionalities on the web, integrating with the work of a Back-End Developer and following the choices of a Software Architect.

Sam Apostel

“As a consultant, I get to work on different projects in diverse teams. This means that I can learn and evolve much quicker.”

Sam Apostel

Full-Stack Developer

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