Acceleration program

We want you to be successful

“We want you to be successful. Today and in the future. And we believe that your talent, knowledge and expertise plays a big role in helping companies overcome their challenges. As a future-oriented company, Pauwels Consulting wants to invest in you as a consultant. So that together, we can create progress.”

Mélodie Rogiers

HR Director

What is the Pauwels Acceleration program?

We created the Pauwels Acceleration Program in collaboration with ORMIT, to further develop your skills & talent and become an even better consultant. In addition, you can use these training sessions to share your knowledge and learn from the stories of your colleagues.

The kick-off of the Pauwels Acceleration Program will start with a meet-up with all participants, the ORMIT coaches, Céline van Puymbrouck and Bert Pauwels to talk about you, your aspirations, challenges and goals.

Followed by our six training sessions, during which we will focus on personal leadership, communication & influence, stakeholder management, trusted advisory, storytelling and spark moments. We made sure the sessions are as hands-on as possible, with practical exercises and assignments focused on your field of work. So you can immediately implement your learnings.

What's in it for you?

We want to help you reach your full potential! To start with, these are some skills that will come naturally to you after finishing our program:

  • You will be effective and convincing in dealing with stakeholders;
  • You will know how to exert influence and how to deal with resistance;
  • You will excel in your field, but also help others at excelling;
  • Your employer will see you as a trusted advisor and ask for your advice;
  • You will develop a personal vision on your field of work that you can convey in an inspiring manner;
  • You will be able to reflect on your own behavior and adapt when necessary.

But of course, what you get out of the program, is entirely up to you!

Joining the program

We would like to emphasize that our Pauwels Acceleration Program is not just an expansion of our Pauwels Academy. We are looking for people with an open mindset that can critically reflect on themselves, their work and their behavior. Pauwels people with a real shoot for the moon attitude!You will have to make time for these training sessions and the preparation that goes into them. Teamwork will definitely play a role in achieving the program’s goals.

Selection procedure

As mentioned, we set up this program together with ORMIT, a well-known expert in traineeships, soft skills and personal development programs. As an expert in this field, they will go through all applications and select our professionals. This way, we can guarantee a qualitative and objective selection procedure.

Application procedure

1. Fill out the registration form and motivate why you should be a participant in our Pauwels Acceleration program. Creative applications are welcome as well. 2. ORMIT will contact you personally to talk about your application. 3. The selection procedure will take about 2 weeks (after the deadline for your application) 4. We will contact you with feedback.

Get in touch

Do you want to take your communication, leadership and consulting skills to the next level, and do you have any questions regarding our Pauwels Acceleration Program? Fill out the form below or give us a call. We look forward to helping you spur your growth.
Céline Van Puymbrouck Learning & Development Coordinator