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How can we help our clients with System Engineering?
Our System engineers can be found in many sectors and companies, from fintech to online security. Our people design solutions tailored perfectly to our specific clients, migrate projects from one platform to another, analyse new and existing software and generally ensure the corporate IT continues to run smoothly. That means that each of our consultants has to be a specialist in their field.

Our consultants are more than regular System engineers. They carry their knowledge and expertise gained in past projects with them and apply these insights to every new project. Their unique background means they have acquired the soft skills necessary to work in any team and because of their past projects, they have learned to keep the necessary overview over a project.

What is our added value as Pauwels Consulting?

At Pauwels Consulting, our System engineers are jacks-of-all-trades who rise to each challenge and overcome them. This results in consultants who are up to date with the most recent developments and technologies.

Additionally, in each project, our consultants are faced with a wide range of technologies, people and ways of thinking. Because of their broad knowledge, our people are able to unite the different experts of our client’s company, which may be more difficult for in-house project managers who are less technically skilled.

Our consultants will gladly apply all their expertise and skills to make sure all IT remains up to date and runs flawlessly. Together, we will take corporate IT to the next level.

The roles

We are always looking to strengthen our team with the following experts:

System Engineer

Our System Engineers are jacks-of-all-trades who oversee all aspects of a project or system in a variety of fields, such as software, transportation, product development and manufacturing. They develop systems and implement, support, maintain, and manage IT services like networking, IT security, email and disaster recovery. Our Engineers are highly skilled and provide advanced technical support for desktop, server, and networking issues.

System Administrator

Our System Administrators are essential to keep IT operations running smoothly. To do so, our people install, upgrade and monitor the software and hardware companies require, while monitoring data backup and recovery when needed. Moreover, our Administrators are responsible for the maintenance of said software and hardware, such as the configuration, user management and the correct installation of updates. Our System Administrators are team players and typically work alongside our System Engineers or are an essential part of a support team. 

Infrastructure Manager

Our Cloud Engineers are responsible for planning and designing the cloud, as well as the subsequent management, maintenance and support needed for cloud computing. Furthermore, our Engineers advise and configure cloud solutions within the three public cloud environments: Azure (Microsoft), GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and AWS (Amazon).

Sam Peeters

“A good System Engineer is someone who knows as much as possible about as many topics as possible, but who can also quickly immerse themselves in new concepts without needing extensive training.”

Sam Peeters

Senior system engineer/ Software packager

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