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We are a great place to work

At Pauwels Consulting, we have been investing in employee satisfaction for 23 years. Our mission is to make our consultants happy, challenge them and ensure they are satisfied every day. This is why we have built up a team of more than 130 (!) individuals in the past few years whose job is to support our consultants as effectively as possible.

To evaluate our efforts, we recently conducted an anonymous employee survey and culture audit together with the Great Place to Work® Institute and Vlerick Business School. In doing so, our work environment was evaluated from both our consultants’ and management’s perspective.

We were pleased to see that our ambitions and intentions are, to a large extent, in line with the experiences of our consultants. That’s why we are now entitled to call our office a Great Place to Work®. Futhermore, we have made the top 10 of Best Workplaces® in the category ‘medium companies’ in Belgium.

This recognition confirms to us that we are on the right track, but it’s also an invitation to do even better. Because no matter how great the results are, we have also discovered areas for improvement that we would like to work on.

Growing together is the key to success

As a child, I rarely sat still. As an adolescent? Never. I always wanted to do business. Get ahead. Develop and optimise ideas and talents. Preferably with smarter and more enterprising people around me. I am proud and, above all, grateful that Pauwels Consulting has been able to attract and develop talented people for 21 years.

Over the years, we have built up a team of more than 100 (!) colleagues who make life easier for our consultants, ensure their workplace is an enjoyable one, and facilitate their ongoing development.

This focus on our consultants is crucial, because the better we all feel about ourselves, the more we can help our customers. And the more we help our customers, the more opportunities we will have to further expand and develop our team.

Growing together is the key to our success, and is no doubt one of the reasons why we are now officially a Great Place to Work®. This recognition is confirmation that we are doing well – and an invitation to do even better!

Bert - Managing Director

Helping consultants and enabling great careers

Pauwels Consulting’s HR team is the first point of contact for our consultants before, during and after their employment with Pauwels Consulting. Our job is to help and advise our consultants as much as possible so that they can focus their full attention on their work, development and career.

We consider the human aspect of our job to be even more important than this ‘standard’ service. We not only help our consultants with answers to questions or solutions to problems; we also take as much time as possible to really listen to the concerns, questions and needs of our staff. This is extremely satisfying and we get a lot of appreciation for it.

Mélodie - HR DirectoR

Looking for the right match between consultants and projects

As Business Unit Directors, we have a fairly unique position within Pauwels Consulting: we manage both our account managers and our recruiters, and we maintain contact with our consultants so we always know what is going on with our customers and consultants. In addition, we consult with our HR Director, Learning & Development Coordinator, Talent Managers and Account Managers on a weekly basis to discuss the individual wishes and needs of our consultants.

Our consultants are at the heart of this story; we want to provide them with the best possible support as they do their work, as they develop professionally, and as they plan their careers. The better we understand the needs of our customers, the better we can brief our recruiters to attract the right consultants. And the better the match between our consultants and our customers’ projects, the more added value we can create. This is all to the benefit of our customers, our consultants and Pauwels Consulting!

Van & jan - business unit Directors

We help our consultants develop to the best of their abilities

To help our consultants develop to the best of their abilities, we have had Talent Managers in our team since 2019. Their task is to determine our consultants’ preferences in terms of skills and training and to ensure their talents have room to flourish. Bernd, Stephanie and Debbie regularly speak to our consultants in follow-up interviews about their career goals, training and growth opportunities, and areas for development. 

They then look for effective training options and discuss them with the consultant, the HR team, the Business Unit Directors and the Learning & Development Coordinator. If the feedback is positive, the training courses are scheduled. Our Talent Managers also play a key social role as they are an accessible point of contact for our consultants, and they often accompany our HR employees during baby and sick calls to our consultants. This reinforces the the family-like, informal atmosphere within our organisation.

Stéphanie, Debbie & Bernd - Talent Managers

No one can learn the ins and outs of how to be a consultant at school

As Learning & Development Coordinator, my job is to support the connection between and the development of our consultants. After all, our consultants often work on projects with different customers, and we want to create the optimum group feeling and stimulate knowledge transfer across all project boundaries. We do this in various ways. We organise after work events to strengthen the bond between our consultants, Pauwels Consulting Academy sessions to enable internal and external knowledge sharing, and we help our consultants select personal training courses to continue to develop their knowledge and skills.
Céline - Learning & Development Coordinator

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Valentijn Velghe
Valentijn Velghe Internal Recruitment Consultant & Coach