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Are you curious, ambitious and eager to unlock your full potential? Then you’ve come to the right place! At Pauwels Consulting, you will find more than 1080 like-minded professionals in life  sciences, engineering and IT, and an experienced team of talent developers to spur your personal and professional growth. Together we help our clients grow and thrive, even in the most challenging times.

Growth is vital

At Pauwels Consulting, our primary focus is your growth. Because the more you will grow, the happier you will be and the more value you will bring to our clients. Your growth will support our clients’ growth, and our clients’ growth will support our growth as a team. This, in turn, will allow us to help you grow even further.

Why work with us

There are many consulting firms out there, but we have quite a few aces up our sleeve.

You will make a difference

We work for the largest and most innovative companies in Belgium and Europe. You will be working on projects that count. Your work will have an impact. If you don’t feel fully satisfied at the end of the day, we will make sure you will tomorrow.
make a difference

We are a warm family

Pauwels Consulting is more than work alone. We regularly organise workshops with internal and external speakers, and after work drinks, team buildings, dinners, sports events and parties to bond with your colleagues in a more informal way.

Our expertises

At Pauwels Consulting, you can build a career in many different domains, among which:

What your colleagues say

Are you ambitious, smart and social and do you want to grow every single day? Then there are literally no limits to the career opportunities you will get at Pauwels Consulting.

Caroline Talan

In 2016, I started as a Recruiter at Pauwels Consulting. In 2017, I became Account Manager for the Life Sciences division. I did that job for 2,5 years. Then I switched to the other side. I currently work as a Pauwels Consulting Project Manager for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Belgium.

Caroline Talan

Project Manager, former Recruiter & Account Manager

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Kelly De Jonghe
Kelly De Jonghe Senior Recruitment Consultant