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Implementing a QMS is only the beginning

How can we help our clients with Quality & Compliance?

Quality Management Systems (QMS) like ISO 9001, ISO 13485, the FDA-regulation, GMP, … At Pauwels Consulting we know all about them. Our people work as an ISO 9001 consultant for engineers in one project, implement corporate standards at a local site in another project and optimise processes in a bio-pharmaceutical multinational in a third one. Their job is never boring.

Thanks to their experience in diverse projects, our consultants not only bring their knowledge about different QMS to the table, but also a more general awareness of the importance of quality. By sharing this expertise with our clients’ employees, our clients can rest assured that all rules and procedures will be followed to guarantee the production quality.

What is our added value as Pauwels Consulting?

We don’t just help companies meet all quality requirements, but also encourage a culture of quality in our clients’ companies. By improving processes, products and services, Pauwels Consulting contributes to the innovation of any company.

Our consultants adapt to any company and have insight in the interests of every party involved. Every project is different, but for Pauwels Consulting that’s precisely what makes our jobs fun. With expertise and knowledge from past projects, we can help our clients to achieve their goals in an efficient and qualitative way. And we will persevere until we achieve and surpass the desired results.

The roles

We are always looking to strengthen our team with the following experts:

Project Manager QA

Our QA project managers manage and execute programs and projects in the context of Analytical Method Life Cycle Management. Their main objective is to deliver compliance and performance benefits. They establish targeted strategies and look for relevant opportunities, challenges, issues and risks related to your programs and projects.

Compliance Engineer

Compliance Engineers are part of the project team that carries out investment projects on chemical production installations, related facilities and utilities required for production. They take ownership of the equipment qualification and compliance of related project deliverables.

Quality Assurance GMP Manager

Our GMP Managers support operational Quality Assurance activities at key design, development and manufacturing vendors in the GMP & ISO environment for development and commercial vendors, and specific internal QA support/consultancy for all Medical Devices and Combination Products. They ensure compliance to Medical Devices regulations and GMP compliance of Combination Products from a quality, safety and efficacy point of view.

sigrid verbinnen

“It is important to find a good balance between the legal regulations and the internal procedures and corporate culture of an organisation. My work as a consultant is anything but routine work. I like that variation.”

Sigrid Verbinnen

Senior Project Manager & Quality Management Consultant

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