Improved productivity and performance through optimised processes

How can we help our clients with Automation?

Automation processes will boost companies’ growth as these systems will cut production costs, allowing investments in further improvements. Additionally, automated processes provide a safer work environment for employees, as safety hazards are eliminated.

Our people have a vast knowledge of electronics, mechanics and IT, and know how these systems best work together. They will advise and lead the Automation team, while still maintaining an overview of the entire project. Our Automation engineers use their expertise to automate and optimise all sorts of systems and guide projects from the conceptualisation phase to development and eventual installation of the Automation processes.

What is our added value as Pauwels Consulting?

Since our consultants have worked on many projects in different sectors, they are flexible and can easily learn the required skills to work with any company’s own tools and programs.

At the same time, our consultants also come in with fresh ideas and share the knowledge and experience they gained in their past projects, which can be a breath of fresh air for companies. Our people always see their projects through and will leave our clients with the Automation process that suits their company perfectly.

The roles

We are always looking to strengthen our team with the following experts:

Automation Engineer

Our Automation Engineers identify opportunities for automation within software processes by designing and executing QA tests with scripts that automatically test functionality. They run these tests for databases, systems, networks, applications, hardware and software. 

Process Engineer

Our Process Engineers or Chemical Engineers develop scientific processes for converting raw materials into products. Our Engineers often work in the pharmaceutical or food and beverage industries, where they develop, test and implement new production processes each day. 

Ruben Soogen

“It’s important to first get a clear view of the problem and the requirements for a solution, and then communicate the priorities to the team. It’s a lot easier to work together when you focus on the same goal.”

Ruben Soogen

Automation Engineer

Are you interested?

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Frederik Coppens
Frederik Coppens Recruitment Consultant Engineering