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Pauwels Consulting - Melodie Rogiers - HR Director - Great Place to Work

“At Pauwels Consulting, we are serious about your well-being and talent development. Our biggest reward is your happiness, your personal and professional growth and the added value you can bring to the team and the projects you work on.”

Mélodie Rogiers

HR Director

We surround you with a team to

support your growth

We have a whole team to help you achieve your goals by means of all the training and learning opportunities you may desire.

Talent Manager

Do you have questions, wishes or comments about your development and training? Our Talent Managers are here for you around the clock.

Learning & Development

Our Learning & Development Coordinator makes sure that you enjoy a lifelong learning experience. We also organise training programs to develop your talents. Attitude is key, skills can be trained.

HR Officer

Do you have questions, remarks or suggestions about working at Pauwels Consulting? Our entire HR department is here to help you!

Lean management workshop Pauwels Academy


Does your project feel like a bumpy road? Our Business Coaches look forward to helping you analyse and overcome the issue(s).


Learning is great, but learning from your colleagues is even better! Our senior consultants are happy to guide you as a mentor.

Account Manager

The Account Manager of the client is your main point of contact during your project. They make sure you are happy at your job.

This is how your colleagues experience working at Pauwels Consulting


‘At Pauwels Consulting, nobody has to follow the same straightforward path, but you can progress to a position where you do best. To help you, we offer a lot of flexibility in terms of learning, further studies, training, etc. You can combine work and studies, we test different learning platforms and we continuously strive to improve our Learning & Development department. 

And last but not least, our personal coaching goes beyond chasing KPIs, but often focuses more on your personal development. We’ll help you excel!’

Céline Van Puymbroeck

Learning & Development Coordinator

We have lots of

coaching & training opportunities

Regular follow-ups

During regular follow-up meetings, you will discuss your well-being on the job, as well as possible trainings, workshops and development plans for personal and professional growth.

Individual coaching

You know yourself best. Do you want to immerse yourself (further) in certain topics? Talk about it with your Talent Manager, who knows the perfect training(s) for you.


Learning is great, but learning from your colleagues is even better! Our senior consultants are happy to guide you as a mentor.

Pauwels Academy

Sharing knowledge is the beginning of gaining wisdom. Our consultants and external lecturers organise inspiring interactive workshops for you to join every month!

Pauwels Training Program

Through our training programs, we help you meet specific needs of our clients, and we teach you the most wanted consulting skills of the future.

Pauwels Acceleration Program

In this program, our sister company ORMIT sharpens your consultancy skills. Participants receive guidance in storytelling, stakeholder management, personal leadership and more.

This is how your colleague experience Talent Development at Pauwels Consulting

In 2016, I started as a Recruiter at Pauwels Consulting. In 2017, I became Account Manager for the Life Sciences division. I did that job for 2,5 years. Then I switched to the other side. I currently work as a Pauwels Consulting Project Manager for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Belgium.

Caroline Talan

Project Manager, former Recruiter & Account Manager

Caroline Talan

There's more than work alone

Pauwels Consulting is more than just work! We regularly organise teambuilding moments, sports events, family events and fun parties to strengthen the bond between you and your colleagues. Lots of opportunities to have fun and relax together!

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Kelly De Jonghe
Kelly De Jonghe Senior Recruitment Consultant