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“At Pauwels Consulting, we are serious about your well-being and talent development. Our biggest reward is your happiness, your personal and professional growth and the added value you can bring to the team and the projects you work on.”

Mélodie Rogiers

HR Director

Challenges for everyone

Most growth begins at the end of your comfort zone. But no one ever said that growth can’t be comfortable. At Pauwels Consulting we help you grow in many different ways:


Whether you are a starter, a medior or a senior, Pauwels Consulting has got the job for you! Have you obtained a degree in engineering, life sciences or IT? Or do you have lots of experience and an ambitious mindset? Would you like to work with a professional team that treasures its personal touch and involvement with all its members? Welcome to Pauwels Consulting!

We can help you identify, perfect and capitalise on your strengths to kickstart or revitalise your career. We will surround you with a professional team, develop a personal career path and assign you to projects and clients that support your personal growth so you will (re)discover joy at work and get the career boost you are looking for.


Are you a freelance expert and are you looking for a professional team and stimulating peers to further boost your intellectual and personal growth? At Pauwels Consulting you will find the intellectual challenges you are looking for without compromising your professional freedom.

We aim to provide top quality and high continuity in all our projects. As a result, our people have direct access to more than 200 companies and they benefit from our smooth contracting process. Furthermore, this means we only consider applications of experienced experts who are willing to invest in a long-lasting relationship with Pauwels Consulting and our clients. When shall we meet?

How we help you grow

Regular follow-ups

You will have regular follow-up meetings with your account manager and talent manager. Your account manager will do everything to ensure your general well-being at the job, your talent manager will discuss possible trainings, workshops and development plans for personal and professional growth. He or she will also connect you with our communities to stimulate knowledge exchange with your colleagues.

talent management indivual triainings

Individual trainings

At Pauwels Consulting, you can always ask your talent manager to participate in trainings and workshops that stimulate your personal and professional growth, and trainings that are required for your job. We review all applications on a weekly basis to stimulate a culture of lifelong learning.

Individual coaching

Do you feel stressed out, bored, offended, undervalued or otherwise unhappy at your job? Our business coaches Tijs and Valentijn are just one phone call away. They will help you analyse and overcome the issue and they will make sure you will be happy and on track again in no time.

talent management academy

Pauwels Academy

Do you love connecting with colleagues, sharing knowledge and improving your own tech, soft and ‘happy’ skills? Welcome to the Pauwels Consulting Academy, a series of regular informal meetings with external and internal speakers that will spur your professional and personal growth and your mental and physical health.

Pauwels Consulting Acceleration Program

In 2020 we started a program together with our sister company ORMIT to further sharpen the consultancy skills of our most motivated consultants. Participants receive guidance in storytelling, stakeholder management, personal leadership and more.


We are a strong community. Helping each other and sharing knowledge is therefore one of our core values. And let's be honest: What's better than learning from our own experts who work in the field every day? For any specific training requests, we first and foremost connect with our own people. If a consultant is willing to be a mentor, they can give the training face to face or digitally. A good example of this program is Kris Van Nieuwenhove, as he frequently acts as a mentor so he can pass on Operational Excellence skills, but also project management skills and excel skills.

“At Pauwels Consulting we try to learn from each other every day. That is why we motivate proactive knowledge sharing between internal employees and external experts. This is motivating and it offers great added value for you as a consultant, your colleagues, your client and Pauwels Consulting.”
Debbie Croonen

Talent Manager Life Sciences

The Academy

The Pauwels Consulting Academy is a series of workshops in which we share knowledge about technical matters, soft skills and mental health and resilience. The Academy Sessions are organised on average 4 times a month in collaboration with internal consultants, external speakers and trainers. You can attend sessions as you please. The Pauwels Consulting Academy is also a great place to grow your internal network at Pauwels Consulting.


Our Talent Managers are tasked with stimulating smooth communication, knowledge exchange and involvement between you and your colleagues, especially across project boundaries. By sharing our knowledge and experiences with each other, we can serve our clients even better. We have different communities per domain and we cordially invite you to participate in the communities that are closest related to your area(s) of expertise.

After work events

Pauwels Consulting is more than just work! We regularly organise team drinks, sporting events, family days and parties to strengthen the bond between you and your colleagues.

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