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OpEx & Lean Management

While Six Sigma focuses on reducing and elimination of the process-variation because variation often leads towards errors/defects and under-performance, lean management emphasizes the elimination of non-value-added activities and the creation of value for customers. Together, these methodologies provide businesses with a systematic approach to streamline operations, enhance quality, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. We help you and your team implement these best practices in a durable manner.

Driving Operational Excellence

Coaching co-workers in Lean Six Sigma projects

Stakeholder analysis

Focus on your KPI’s in efficiency, productivity, etc.

Implementation of Six Sigma in any company

Fits any process, activity and administration

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Let’s strive towards OpEx

Lean and Six Sigma are complementing methodologies with Operational Excellence as a common goal. Our OpEx consultants start off each project by mapping out all the stakeholders involved and analyzing their needs and contributions to the project. When they know the problem and the required solution, they set out to implement the necessary improvements and changes.  

Our consultants are ready for any and every project. Today, they may work in a production environment where they improve efficiency, cut production time or boost KPI’S, and tomorrow they can help a client with an administrative project where the communication needs to be simplified or the reporting has to be automated. Bring on the next challenge! 

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In-house OpEx expertise

OpEx training options for your staff

Focus on durable improvement

Your KPI’s are the core of every project

Can OpEx help you get ISO:9001 certified?

While ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard, focuses on establishing a QMS and ensuring that processes consistently meet customer requirements, Six Sigma provides a structured approach to analyzing processes and improving their performance. Six Sigma can be used to complement ISO 9001 by providing a method for identifying and addressing process problems and improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of processes.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt: still a hot topic in consultancy

We obtained the ISO9001 certification for our quality management system earlier this year. What does it actually mean for us and our clients?

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Kris Van Nieuwenhove
Kris Van Nieuwenhove QMS Consultant & Sr. OpEx Consultant

Business Case: Opex

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