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Clinical Trials

In Clinical research, the outcome of a new medicine or medical treatment is evaluated based on patients’ responses in clinical trials. Clinical research needs to be carried out with the patients’ rights, safety and wellbeing in mind, as well as regulations and guidance.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics focuses on the coordination of all operational activities to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your products to your customers. This is not limited to just manufacturing and handling activities, but also includes elements such as planning and operational excellence. Supply Chain & Logistics looks at all of these activities as part of a single continuous flow that can be optimised to improve customer satisfaction.

expertises supply chain
expertises medical regulatory

Medical & Regulatory Affairs

As a pharmaceutical company, you have to adhere to strict rules to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your products for your patients. Regulatory Affairs ensures that your company meets all government regulations and requirements.

But there’s more to the pharmaceutical community than pharmaceutical companies and legislators. A Medical Affairs professional acts as a linchpin between your research department and the larger healthcare community, building relationships with stakeholders and unlocking important information to healthcare professionals.

Technical Engineering

Technical Engineering aims to provide better production processes and installations, either by creating and implementing new processes and installations or by improving the existing ones. New technologies need to be identified, adapted to the existing production methods and tested thoroughly.

expertises technical engineering

Quality & Compliance

Quality & Compliance allows your company to offer products, processes or services of the highest possible quality, by following the imposed regulations. This way, you don’t waste time and money with manufacturing errors and can avoid misunderstandings by having all employees speak the same language.

Validation & Qualification

During Validation & Qualification, we check whether systems and processes comply with regulations, meet your expectations and function precisely as they should. Different validation documents are created and used to perform the necessary checks.

expertises validation qualification

Project & Process Automation

Our Project Automation consultants guide their Process Automation teams to a successful conclusion of Automation projects. This way, we help our clients improve their productivity, operational reliability and performance in a cost-effective manner.

OpEx & Lean Management

Operational Excellence delivers the efficiency and quality our clients demand, for the best possible price. Our OpEx consultants not only work to completely understand our clients’ problems and figure out solutions, but they are also experts in change and stakeholder management. 

Opex Lean
study and design

Study & Design

Our designers support you in the complex first phase of a project. First, they compile a file that contains a preliminary study, the necessary licenses and permits, drawings… Afterwards, they work out the details and get everything ready for the actual realisation of their plans.

Contracts & Procurement

Our Contract & Procurement experts focus on the follow-up of tenders, contracts and orders, and are the connection between your company and your suppliers. Thanks to Procurement, companies and projects have precisely the goods they need, when they need them, in just the right quantities and obtained for the best price.

expertises procurement
expertises automation


Our Automation engineers improve companies’ productivity and performance by implementing processes or procedures that don’t need human power. This cuts down costs and often leads to less waste of raw materials, and thus results in economic gains for the company.

Inspection & Supervision

Thanks to our site Inspectors & Supervisors, all projects run smoothly and communication between contractor and client is always fluent. Our people are talented communicators with a solid technical background who have the necessary insight and knowhow to bring any project to a successful conclusion.

inspection and supervision
project management

Project Management

Project Management is crucial whenever a project that falls outside of regular business processes is carried out. The Project Manager is responsible for successfully achieving the goal(s) of the project, and functions as the leader and main point of communication for all stakeholders throughout the different project phases.

Quality Management

Quality management is important to take a project to the next level, as companies that invest in quality management consistently rank higher in the market than those who don’t.

Risk management is a standard part of any project. When the project becomes too large, a Risk manager is called in to assist the project manager and mitigate the risks that can impact planning, budget or safety.


Good Safety measures and guidelines are crucial in finishing and delivering a project in a timely and safe manner. They not only guarantee a safer working environment for employees, but also have a direct impact on the quality and results of projects and processes.

Cloud Engineering

Thanks to our Cloud Architects, our clients and their employees can work from anywhere. Our people design the perfect Cloud architecture for our clients and they advise and help our clients with the migration of their company data from an ‘old’ or local environment to a new cloud environment. 

expertises cloud engineering


Our IT development consultants enable our clients to access and use their data in a smart and user-friendly way by defining new technical solutions, implementing applications and improving the client’s current software. 

System Engineering

Companies rely on System Engineering when they are faced with IT problems or questions. System Engineers work out technical solutions and implement them together with their project team. Afterwards, they provide the necessary paperwork and processes to ensure the IT continues to run smoothly.

expertises system engineering
Data Insights

Data Insights

Our people in Data Insights collect and store our clients’ data in a structured and accessible system, tailored to the demands of the client. Our developers make sure employees can access the database 24/7 so all business processes run smoothly.  

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