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“The job market is hot today. Searching for that perfect fit has become extremely time-consuming and thus costly. According to our clients, project delivery and operational excellence are more and more at risk. Candidates can choose from many different job offers and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find and keep well-trained employees.

Time for change? We no longer only focus on finding the right consultant who already possesses the required expertise. Instead, we find talented consultants who match your company’s DNA and train them so they perfectly fit your desired profile and add optimal value, now and in the future. That’s how we increase your ROI. Let’s discover our Training Programs!”

Koen De Borle

Training Program Manager

Let's achieve the perfect fit together!

Our advice: Stop wasting time & money while looking for ideal profiles you can’t find. In the face of today’s challenges, learning journeys are the most eco-proof way of travelling. Training shouldn’t stop at digital and technological skills or artificial intelligence; the real differentiators are collaboration, persuasion, adaptability and design thinking. Skills that can and need be trained. 

Let’s work together towards a perfect fit, all while considering your changing demands and meeting the shifting dynamics in the candidate area. That is how we see the transformation.

We analyse your needs

First, we get together and discuss your needs. What profile(s) are you looking for? Which attitude, knowledge and expertise do you require? And what makes these sought-after experts so hard to find? Together we establish a clear profile of the skill set(s) you need.

We develop custom training solutions

In order to provide a perfect fit for your team, we will conduct a team & culture scan, review the competences of your current team and combine these findings with the profile requirements we establish together. Based on this full picture, we design a custom learning journey focusing on talent development and your ROI.

We select candidates

With the agreed training prototype design in place, we find and select candidates that fit your profile and company. No doubt there are one or more suitable candidates in our team of 1000+ consultants, or our warm network of more than 16K+ people.

We implement the chosen training solution

Once we have selected our candidates, we organise a kick-off meeting, and we start implementing our training solution. The selected consultants benefit of the necessary training, coaching and mentoring and implement their newly acquired expertise while working on your project.

We track our consultants' performance

We regularly check in with our consultants, and with you. Are our consultants on schedule? Do they provide the additional value you need? Do you have additional requests or needs? We keep a close eye on our consultants' performance to make sure that you get the desired results.

talent management academy

We optimise the program

If we notice room for improvement during our check-ins, we optimise our training program so we can ensure optimal results for you and our consultants. Together, we will achieve the perfect fit!

Your preference defines the solution

Competence-based learning journey

We find and hire qualified consultants and take care of any upskilling and reskilling necessary to perfectly fit your project team.


We hire consultants and train and coach them upfront to become experts in a specific business domain at your company for any short- or long- term assignment.

our training packs and in-house learnings

We train your existing employees and consultants at your organization so they meet and exceed your requirements.

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