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Attitude is key, skills can be trained

When finding talent is a losing battle

It’s getting more difficult to find candidates. It’s not you, it’s the market. Talented and educated people are trying to navigate increasingly specialized industries while companies are struggling to find adequate staff to progress their projects. Chances are you’ve experienced these difficulties in your search for the perfect candidate:

Recruitment (in)efficiency

Job requests remain open for months

Business (dis)continuity

Projects are postponed or cancelled

Perfect fit?

Candidate shortage for bottleneck roles


Skill disruption

Find the best fit through training

Our clients know and trust us to find the best suitable consultants for their projects across industries and we want to keep providing them, no matter the state of the market. That’s why we go further. Via Training Programs we find talented candidates with the right attitude to start your project and train them to be the best fit. We provide up- and reskilling of relevant skills in bottleneck functions in Science and Technology fields, but we make a difference by training our consultants in collaboration, problem solving, adaptability, design thinking and awareness of unconscious bias.

Let’s work together towards the best fit, all while considering your changing demands and meeting the shifting dynamics in the candidate area. That is how we see the transformation.

We help you find the best match

In the figure below, you find a representation of our Training Programs workflow. Through specialized search, we find candidates with the right motivation to start your project and balance a training program in parallel.

We match our candidates to your needs. Once a consultant has started a Training Program, we keep evaluating and monitoring to ensure growth according to the plan we built together.

Your preference, our solution

We offer Training Programs that have been designed to fit specific roles, or we create a custom training track to help the consultant reach your goals. These are the Training Programs we currently offer and have proven to deliver results:

Our Automation & Digitization programs

E&I, PLC Programming, MES & Software Development

Our Validation Engineering Programs

Pharma Industry bootcamps, Quality management, Data systems

Our CAD Engineering Programs

Design, Project Engineering, BIM

Our Custom Training and Staffing Solutions

We create custom training programs to fit your project needs, let's Talk.

Our service to you

The war for talent causes great discomfort when budget, time and project progress end up on the chopping block. Our service can be categorized in our actions, but it’s more important to us what we deliver to you.

Peace of mind

After agreeing on clear learning objectives, we can focus on providing you with the best service while you can focus on your business.

We support

Project progress

Stop wasting time and money on finding the perfect fit. We’re creating the best match together to increase efficiency and return on investment.

We accelerate

Knowledge sharing

We have heaps of expertise within our organization and via our training partners to guide our consultants and to train your team.

We train

Growth perspective

We monitor, evaluate and communicate the progress of your consultants. A smooth continuation with a consultant who grows with you is your return on investment.

We evaluate

Benefits for the hiring department

Double the progress

A client was looking for a specific expert for over 6 months. Consequently, their project was stalled and a lot of effort went into recruitment. When they tried a new approach via our Training Program, within two months they were able to find not one, but two consultants who could start on very short notice. The consultants helped the project evolve while learning new skills. They could start faster, but also increased project progress incrementally.

Collaborative design

Quality and knowledge injection

Save time on recruitment

Flexible partner agreement

We meet your conditions of satisfaction

Done is better than perfect

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